PMT USA Road Trip

Join Dagan and Meg from PMTVUK as they set off across the USA to bring you the latest news from the biggest guitar brands in the world.

Come along for the ride and check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, interviews, and more..


Discover the history of Dunlop, MXR, and Way Huge as we check out some iconic guitar pedals, hang with Jeorge Tripps, and recreate the Van Halen sound.

Find out everything there is to know about the new collectable CryBaby Jr Wah and learn how to build an epic FX set-up for acoustic guitar and bass - plus hear the MXR PolyBlue and Way Huge Atreides in action!


We have a chat with Master Designer Andy Powers, take a tour of the Taylor factory, and discover the all-new 2022 Taylor range.

Learn about the best ways to care for your acoustic guitar with Taylor Service Manager Rob Magargal, and see why Taylorwear is the best choice for your acoustic accessory needs.


Get a close-up look at some of the coolest gear around in the Custom Shop and Pickup Shop as we take another factory tour at Schecter, and find out why they're awesome when we interview company President, Michael Ciravolo.


Explore the ESP Custom Shop and go behind-the-scenes with Dagan and Meg as they check out the latest Artist Signature models and all-new 2022 collection from another iconic guitar brand!


The Secret PRS Showroom

A Musicians Guide to L.A

Iconic Venues on Sunset Strip

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