Tama Iron Cobra HH605 Hi-Hat Stand
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Tama Iron Cobra 600 Hi-Hat Stand

by Tama
The Tama Iron Cobra 600 Hi-Hat Stand combines functionality and stability within an innovative design. With features like the swing lock clu..

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The Tama Iron Cobra 600 Hi-Hat Stand combines functionality and stability within an innovative design. With features like the swing lock clutch, Spare-The-Rods protector and 6-way tension adjustment this is a pro-quality hi-hat stand at a great price.

Tama Iron Cobra Hi-Hat Stand

The Tama Iron Cobra 600 series was designed to offer functionality and stability at an affordable price. Including features reminiscent of the highly respected Iron Cobra 900 series, this 600 Iron Cobra hi-hat incorporates ingenious design for the modern drummer.

Spring Seat

The Tama HH605 features a patented spring seat that allows for quick and easy adjustment of the bottom hi-hat cymbal. Changing the angle of the bottom hi-hat results in a crispier and clearer hi-hat foot sound compared to leaving the bottom hat completely flat. This is because the cymbal angle allows for a more robust contact between the top and bottom hat that makes for a more impactful hat sound.

Swing Lock Clutch

The Iron Cobra Hi-Hat stand comes with a swing lock hi-hat clutch included. This patented clutch doesn’t have the typical top felt washer you’d expect. Instead, this is replaced with a red washer that has two protruding points to avoid a flat contact between the top hat and the washer. This allows the top hat to float more freely which maximises the natural resonance of the cymbal. As with the 800 and 900 series, this hi-hat stand also comes with the usual felt washer, providing you with options if you want to switch up the cymbal sound/response.

Non-Loosening Tension Rod

The Iron Cobra 605 Hi-hat Stand also features a patented non-loosing tension rod that has been specifically designed to offer a solid hi-hat setup. The hi-hat tension rod features specifically shaped plastic and metal nuts that fit together perfectly to keep the cymbal rod from loosening while playing. Having to constantly tighten the hi-hat rod can become somewhat of a pain. Tama have utilised this innovative design to avoid the need to constantly check and tighten the rod by ensuring it remains tightly fastened from your first hit to your last stroke.


This aptly named feature works to protect the tension rod of the Tama hi-hat stand during transit. Basically, the Iron Cobra hi-hat has been specifically designed so that the tension rod can be packed into the upper section pipe. Simply insert the tension rod into the upper tube, then hold the tension rod in place with the hi-hat clutch. The upper tube then covers the tension rod to keep it safely protected against knocks during storage or transportation. No more bent hi-hat rods!

6-Way Tension Adjustment

Offering even more customisable options, Tama have designed the Iron Cobra hi-hat stand so that the tension of the foot pedal can be changed quickly and easily to offer the most comfortable, responsive playing feel. There are 6 different levels of tension that can be quickly adjusted by using the six easily visible settings. Simply slide the pin up and down the mountain-shaped plastic tension adjuster to set your ideal foot pedal playing feel.

Swivel Foot

The foot pedal of the Tama 600 hi-hat stand can be rotated around the tripod base to offer a greatly expanded floor space and set-up flexibility. Easily position the hi-hat footboard around double bass drum pedals or other percussion pedals to achieve your most comfortable playing set-up.

Double Braced Legs

The 28.6mm diameter base pipe of the Iron Cobra hi-hat stand features double braced legs for added sturdiness and reliability, ensuring you have a consistently stable playing set up.


The Tama 600 Iron Cobra hi-hat pedal combines innovative features, robust design and a great price point to offer drummers of all levels and styles a piece of high-quality hardware at an affordable price . With features like the spring seat, swing lock clutch and 6-way tension adjustment, the Tama Iron Cobra 600 Hi-Hat provides super adjustability for a customised feel. The robust swivel double braced stand and non-loosening tension rod ensure a sturdy, stable, and reliable playing set up.

Tama Iron Cobra 600 Hi-Hat Stand Key Features:

  • Spring Seat
  • Swing Lock Clutch
  • 6-Way Tension Adjustment
  • Swivel Foot
  • Direct Pull Action
  • Spare-The-Rods Tension Rod Protector
  • Non-Loosening Tension Rod
  • Footboard Angle Adjustment
  • Weight: 4.3kg
  • Height Adjustment Range: 710mm - 930mm


Weight (kg)5.0000
Warranty2 years

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