Shure PGADRUMKIT4 Drum Microphone Kit
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Shure PGADRUMKIT4 Drum Microphone Kit Shure PGADRUMKIT4 Drum Microphone Kit With Box

Shure PGADRUMKIT4 Drum Microphone Kit

by Shure
The Shure PGADRUMKIT4 Drum Microphone Kit is your essential package of professional quality microphones, specially designed to provide excel..

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The Shure PGADRUMKIT4 Drum Microphone Kit is your essential package of professional quality microphones, specially designed to provide excellent sound capture for close-mic kick drum, snare and tom whether during a live performance or studio recording.

PGADRUMKIT 4 – Drum Microphone Essentials Kit

Four Microphone Kit

The PGADRUMKIT4 Drum Microphone Kit from Shure collects together four of the essential drum kit microphones from the Shure PG Alta microphone series. The PG Alta series sees Shure bringing top quality products with that legendary solid construction and sound reproduction that Shure are known for in a more affordable form. So, if you’re just starting out or you’re on a tight budget then the PGADRUMKIT 4 is perfect for you. The microphones included in the Shure PGADRUMKIT set are 1 x PGA52 cardioid dynamic kick drum microphone, 2 x PGA56 snare/tom microphones, 1 x PGA57 cardioid instrument microphone.

The Shure PGA52 is designed specifically for use with kick drums the Shure PGA52 delivers fantastic clarity in kick drum and low-frequency performance and recording with the PGA52’s tailored frequency response range being a focused 50 Hz – 12kHz.

The Shure PGA56, of which there are two in this kit, was designed specifically with toms and snare in mind and whether you’re performing live or recording in the studio you’ll get the fantastic sound quality that you have come to expect from Shure. With two in the pack you can get your toms covered nicely.

Last but certainly not least, the PGADRUMKIT4 includes the PGA57; the PG Alta series’ take on the popular Shure SM57 dynamic microphone. The PGA57 is a very versatile microphone which can cover all sorts from amplified to acoustic instruments but is perfectly suited in the PGADRUMKIT4 to close-miking snare drums.


The Shure PGADRUMKIT 4 drum microphone kit also comes with a host of accessories including 1 x A25D break-resistant microphone clip, 2 x AP56DM break-resistant drum rim mounts, 4 x XLR-XLR cables (4.6m in length) and a handy, zippered carrying case to keep your drum microphone kit safe and secure when storing or transporting them. Basically, you've got something to carry your entire kit and when you arrive at your destination with your mics, cables, mounts and clip you're good to go!

What’s included in the Shure PGADRUMKIT4 Drum Microphone Kit?

  • 1 x PGA52 Cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone
  • 2 x PGA56 Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphones
  • 1 x PGA57 Cardioid Instrument Microphone (ideal for snare drums)
  • 1 x A25D Break-Resistant Microphone Clip
  • 2 x AP56DM Break-Resistant Drum Rim Mounts
  • 4 x XLR-XLR Cables (4.6m)
  • 1 x handy and secure, zippered carrying case for storage and transport

Shure PGADRUMKIT4 Drum Microphone Kit Features:

  • PG ALTA series microphones with legendary, professional quality Shure sound
  • An all-in-one package giving you the essentials for miking a drum kit
  • Four microphones tailored to recording and reproducing drum kit audio
  • Break resistant microphone clips and drum mounts for security and convenience
  • Four XLR-XLR cables so you’re ready to go


Weight (kg)2.3000
SeriesPG Alta Series

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