ROLI Blocks Live Block
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ROLI Blocks Live Block

by Roli
ROLI Blocks Live Block is made for use with the Lightpad block and it adds a whole host of options to your music creation, opening up a whol..

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ROLI Blocks Live Block is made for use with the Lightpad block and it adds a whole host of options to your music creation, opening up a whole new level of creativity and inspiration.

ROLI Blocks Live Block

The Live Block is an awesome addition to the ROLI Blocks system and allows you take great advantage of the awesome music creation features of the Lightpad Block; set up automatic chords from holding one note and Arpeggios for further layers of incredible sound.

Adding an awesome set of tools, the Live Block expands your creative potential and brings a whole new level of creation to your Roli Blocks gear.

What Are Blocks?

ROLI BLOCKS is a modular music studio that opens up a world of music-making to everyone. Each individual Block offers unique functions and capabilities allowing people to create music in easy and intuitive yet far-reaching ways.

Connecting together easily, the Blocks allow for highly customisable kits suitable for any budget or skill level and a wide range of musical styles. Magnet connectors allow the Blocks to click together on-the-go for simple and innovative music production.

Simple and Intuitive Controls

The Live Block has a number of functions that allow you add layers upon layers of creativity to your music production. With everything situated on the face of the Live Block, each function is activated by a simple and easy to use button:

  • Mode – Toggle between favourite sounds, loops and tracks with the Mode button
  • Volume – Allows you to adjust the volume
  • Scale – With the scale button you can select from 19 different scales from which to create your music
  • Chord – Selecting this option allows you to trigger a chord from pressing a single note on the Lightpad block
  • Arp – The Arp button allows to select an arpeggio and trigger it when you press a note
  • Sustain – This button allows you to sustain a note
  • Octave – The Octave button allows you to switch octaves, going up or down 3 octaves
  • Love – The button with the heart shaped icon allows you to bookmark for your favourite sounds

Easy Connection

You can connect the Live Block together with the Lightpad Block with a simple click. Incredibly simple to use; the buttons are less than finger’s length away from the Lightpad Block’s playable surface so you can make your Live Block options at lightning speed.

Incorporate a Loop Block for even further options and you can easily reconfigure your blocks whenever you feel like it – even during playing you can disconnect and reconnect your ROLI BLOCKS so you can find a setup that works for you.

Alternatively, you don’t even have to have them physically connected at all as they still work together wirelessly.


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