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Browse our range of new Guitar Strings for Electric, Acoustic and Nylon Classical guitars here at PMT! Our stores are filled with essentials and best sellers from Ernie Ball, Rotosound, D'Addario and Elixir, plus many more top brands. We also stock a wide range of Bass Guitar strings here.

Keep your guitar clean and freshen up your tone with a brand new set of strings. Whether you need an extra-heavy set for chugging away or you're looking for something to give you that fabled jangle-sound - we've got it covered.




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We stock a massive range of gauges, pack sizes and brands, covering Acoustic Guitar StringsElectric Guitar Strings, as well as instrument strings for Mandolin, Ukulele & Banjo. With top brands like Ernie BallD'AddarioFenderGibsonMartinElixir and Rotosound.

With over 200 choices of guitar strings there is only one place to string up and rock out. We also stock a wide range of Nylon Strings for Classical Guitar - the perfect choice for new players (as they are easier on the tips of your fingers).


Our in-store Experts can help you pick out the most suitable gauge and material depending on your instrument, showing you how each type affects your tone and playability.

We recommend changing your guitar strings all at the same time to ensure your tone is consistent. You can often buy Elixir and Ernie Ball Guitar Strings with 3-for-2 Pack Deals, and we'll always provide the best deal when buying multiple packs in bulk. Speak to our friendly and knowledgable Guitar Experts for more advice.

Most of our stores have an on-site luthier or technician that can assist you with re-stringing your guitar, so give your local branch a call, or order online for Next Day Delivery.

Guitar Strings FAQs

  • What strings are best for an acoustic guitar?

    Some of the best acoustic guitar strings are made by Ernie Ball, D'Addario, and Fender. The best strings for an acoustic guitar are those which are most comfortable to play and produce the best sound when you play them.
  • What strings are best for an electric guitar?

    Some popular electric guitar string brands include Ernie Ball, D'Addario, Fender, and Elixir. Choose your strings just as you would for acoustic - those which are most comfortable to play and that produce the best sound when you play them.
  • How do I know which guitar strings to buy?

    By trial-and-error is the only way that you will discover which guitar strings are best for you. Try out some different brands and sizes until one gives you a tone and feel that you like.
  • What gauge guitar strings are best for beginners?

    Beginners might prefer thinner guitar strings such as .09s or .10s as they are easier to hold down correctly when learning chords and scales for the first time.
  • What thickness guitar strings should I use?

    Use the guitar strings that feel and sound the best when you play them. Try out some different types until you settle on a favourite.
  • How often should I change my guitar strings?

    Guitar strings should be changed roughly every 3 months. This will depend, however, on how often you are playing guitar and how well-maintained your instrument is.
  • What's the difference between coated and uncoated guitar strings?

    Coated guitar strings feature a layer of polymer which is corrosion-resistant and should lead to strings which last longer. The coating does not allow for the build-up of dirt and grime from your fingers as quickly and they retain their sound over time.