Paiste Professional 22" Cymbal Bag With Wheels
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Paiste Professional 22" Cymbal Bag with Wheels

by Paiste
The Paiste Professional 22” Cymbal Bag features a retractable handle and two wheels to quickly and easily manoeuvre your cymbals around. F..

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The Paiste Professional 22” Cymbal Bag features a retractable handle and two wheels to quickly and easily manoeuvre your cymbals around. Featuring internal compartments to keep cymbals organised and protected.

Pro Cymbal Bag Trolley

The Paiste 22” Cymbal Bag offers a convenient way to store and transport your cymbals easily, safely and securely. Featuring a robust padded design and a professional aesthetic, this 22” cymbal case is ideal for gigging drummers.

Five Dividers

This Paiste cymbal bag features 5 internal dividers allowing you to easily organise and safely store your cymbals without the risk of them banging together during transit.

Heavy Duty Padding

The cymbal bag is constructed from heavy-duty padding to ensure a robust, rugged feel that offers maximum protection. Whether you’re storing your cymbals between rehearsal or you’re packing your cymbals to transport them to your gig, this bag will work to make sure your prized pies arrive in the same condition you packed them in.

Outer Compartment

This 22” cymbal bag also features an outer front compartment ideal for storing other drum essentials like sticks, ear plugs, metronome, tablets, music players, etc. Alternatively, the small front pocket would work well as a place to store smaller cymbals such as splashes.

Carry Handles

Offering choice, this 22” cymbal case features both padded backpack straps and upper carry handles, allowing you to carry the bag in whichever way is most comfortable and convenient. If you want to keep your hands free to carry other gear, simply wear the bag as a back pack for easy, efficient transportation. Alternatively, use the carry handles to comfortably lift and load the carry case in and out of your desired mode of transport.

Stable Wheels

As well as a choice of carrying options, this Paiste 22” bag also features a set of 2 stable, long lasting wheels providing you with a super easy way to transport your cymbals without having to bear their weight. Simply glide along with the Paiste bag trolley to seamlessly transport your heavy cymbals from rehearsal to gig and back again.

Retractable Handle

The Paiste pro cymbal bag features an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to easily manoeuvre the cymbal case around. The handle then smoothly retracts into the back of the case for neat storage.


If you want a professional quality cymbal case with ample space to store your cymbals in an organised way, the Paiste Professional 22” Cymbal Bag is a great option. Featuring a variety of carrying options from backpack straps and carry handles to the retractable handle for easy transportation using the 2 stable wheels. The dividers and outer compartment offer a way to quickly organise and store cymbals safely, while the heavy-duty padded black bag provides protection wihin a stylish aesthetic.

Paiste Professional 22” Cymbal Bag Key Features:

  • Five Dividers
  • Outer Compartment
  • Heavy Duty Padding
  • Back-Pack Straps
  • 2 Stable, Long Lasting Wheels
  • Ergonomically Designed, Retractable Handle


Weight (kg)4.0000

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