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Natal Arcadia Birch Jazz 4-Piece Shell Pack in Black Sparkle
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Natal Arcadia Birch Jazz 4-Piece Shell Pack in Black Sparkle

by Natal
The Natal Arcadia Birch Jazz 4-Piece Shell Pack in Black Sparkle combines birch shell with compact sizes to deliver versatile tone and conv..

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The Natal Arcadia Birch Jazz 4-Piece Shell Pack in Black Sparkle combines birch shell with compact sizes to deliver versatile tone and convenient gigging portability.

Compact Jazz Kit

Featuring 100% birch shells and a stunning black sparkle finish, this Natal Arcadia Birch kit offers sound and style that’s worthy of the stage.

The compact shell sizes make these Natal drums the ideal choice for jazz gigs or small venue settings when space is at a premium.

Delivering big tone from a small setup, this kit really packs a punch no matter what your playing style.

Natal KARB-TJ-BLS Arcadia Birch Jazz Shell Pack Configuration:

  • 14” x 5.5” Snare
  • 12” x 8” Rack Tom
  • 14” x 12” Floor Tom
  • 18” x 14” Bass Drum

Beautiful Birch

Delivering plenty of sonic punch, full bodied sound and a wealth of top end resonance, this Natal Arcadia Birch is ideal for a wide range of styles and performance settings.

Each of the shells are constructed from 6 plies of birch to produce a full, natural tone that’s perfect for the studio and the stage.

Characterised by its boosted highs, reduced midrange and punchy low end, birch delivers loud and cutting tone.

Serving up a precise and focused response that’s filled with powerful projection, this Natal Arcadia kit is capable of cutting through on stage, while the robust low-end tone makes it great for adding depth in the studio.

Whether you require the delicacy and precision of jazz or want the full punch and impact of rock and pop, this kit delivers a wide range of tone to fulfil the most diverse demands.

Play with Percussion

The Natal Arcadia Birch shell pack comes complete with a Double Tom Mount to provide strong hold and precise positioning of the 12” rack tom.

The non-slip aluminum ball design of the double tom mount offers greater hold and stability for tom support you can rely on while you play.

The Natal double tom mount also has a post clamp which allows you to incorporate your own percussion into your playing.

The 1 up 1 down configuration of this Natal kit means the second post of the double tom mount is left unoccupied, allowing you to utilize it for a tambourine, wood block or any other piece of percussion you choose.

Providing a convenient way to incorporate new sounds into your playing, this double tom mount lets you expand and diversify your sound with ease.

Sparkling Style

One of a range of finish options, this Natal 4-piece shell pack features a stunning Black Sparkle finish to deliver a strikingly sophisticated look.

The glittered aesthetic of the black sparkle finish delivers a shimmering appearance that looks great under stage lights.

The glittered flecks perfectly contrast with the classic black finish to offer a classy appearance to match the kits stunning tone.

The shimmering shells are complemented perfectly by the all chrome hardware to offer a kit with superior style.

Classic Chrome Hardware

All of the shells in this Natal Arcadia Birch kit are adorned with Low Mass Natal Sun Lugs to deliver an instantly recognisable appearance.

Both toms and the snare are fitted with triple flanged hoops while the 18” bass drum has matching black sparkle hoops to deliver a clean and consistent aesthetic. 

The 12” rack tom and 14” floor tom feature the Natal NRM2 tom mount brackets to offer strong hold and enhance tone.

The NRM2 mount is isolated from the shell by high-grade rubber insulators to reduce the resistance and strain placed on the shell when the drum is mounted.

These rubber isolators also work to improve the resonance and sustain of the toms by reducing metal to shell contact which would dampen the drum.

The result is a tom mount that not only ensures strong and reliable hold but also helps to enhance the sound of the toms.


Delivering versatile tone that’s ideal for the studio and the stage, this Natal Arcadia Birch Jazz kit looks as great as it sounds.

The all birch shells produce precise projection and punchy low tone to ensure you achieve a sonic sucker punch no matter what the musical setting.

The double tom mount provides reliable rack tom placement whilst providing you with the opportunity to expand your set up with additional percussion.

The super stylish Black Sparkle finish offers a sophisticated aesthetic that is accentuated brilliantly by the chrome hardware.

For a compact configuration, versatile tone and stunning style, buy the Natal Arcadia Birch 4-Piece Jazz Shell Pack in Black Sparkle now from PMT Online.

Natal Arcadia Birch Jazz 4-Piece Shell Pack in Black Sparkle Key Features:

  • 6 Ply Birch Shells
  • Ideal for Recording and Live
  • Double Tom Mount
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Low Mass Natal Sun Lugs
  • Triple Flanged Hoops
  • Natal NRMR2 Tom Brackets


Weight (kg)35.0000
Hardware / Cymbalscymbals and hardware not included
Finishblack sparkle
Bass Drum Size18" x 14"
Floor Tom Size12" x 8"
Rack Tom Size14" x 12"
Shell Count3 piece kit
Shell Materialbirch
Snare Size14" x 5.5"

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