Meinl Pickup Cajon with Makah Burl Front Plate
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Meinl Pickup Makah-Burl Cajon

by Meinl
This Meinl Pickup Cajon features a stunning Makah-Burl Front Plate to deliver stunning looks and responsive tone. Fitted with 3 Piezo pickup..

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This Meinl Pickup Cajon features a stunning Makah-Burl Front Plate to deliver stunning looks and responsive tone. Fitted with 3 Piezo pickups to amplify the crisp snare and full bass sound, this is a superb Cajon for the pro percussionist.

Meinl Pickup Cajon

Featuring the same construction as the Meinl Woodcraft Professional Cajon, the Meinl Pickup Makah-Burl has the addition of pickups to provide extra amplification of your sound.

Meinl PWCP100MB Pickup Baltic Birch Cajon Specifications:

  • Baltic Birch Construction
  • Custom Micro-Coiled Steel Cajon Strings
  • Front Plate: Makah-Burl
  • Resonant Body: Baltic Birch
  • Width: 11 ¾”
  • Height: 19 ¾”
  • Depth: 12”

Birch Build

The resonant body of this Meinl Cajon is constructed from Baltic Birch to ensure a strong, durable, long lasting percussion build.

Widely used in the drum building industry, birch is well known for its musical characteristics.

Here the birch body works to provide a lusciously warm low-end and an attacking top end tone.

Custom Coiled

Fitted with internal fixed custom micro-coiled steel strings that span the inside of the playing surface, the Meinl Makah Burl Cajon delivers a crisp, sensitive snare sound.

Providing a great responsive playing feel, the snare strings respond instantly to accurately reproduce your playing style; from fat backbeat slaps to delicate finger rolls.

Burl Beauty

The playing surface of this Meinl Pickup Cajon is made from Makah Burl to provide a striking almost optical illusion style aesthetic.

Featuring a wavy pattern that blends a mix of light and darker brown tones, the playing surface provides an eye-catching appearance.

Adorned with a black Meinl logo, the stunning front plate adds a touch of striking style to match the impressive sound of this instrument.

Pick It Up

As the name suggests, this Meinl Pickup Cajon is fitted with pickups to give players the opportunity to amplify their percussion sound.

The Meinl Pickup Cajon is equipped with three Piezo pickups to ensure a true well-rounded representation of the full Cajon tone.

Two of the pickups are located to capture the snare sound while the other is situated to ensure a strong bass response.

Often used in electro acoustic guitars, piezo pickups use the vibration of the wood to deliver a true reproduction of the instrument sound.

Perfect for situations when you need a little more volume to cut through the mix and make sure you’re heard, the Meinl Pickup Cajon allows you to dial up your sound.

Find Your Perfect Mix

The Meinl Makah Burl Pickup Cajon is fitted with volume and tone knobs allowing you to set your preferred sound with ease.

Use the volume dial to find the ideal blend of natural Cajon tone and amplified projection.

The tone knob, meanwhile, provides a basic EQ response so that you can tweak your tone to achieve the exact sound you’re looking for.

The quarter inch cable port allows you to send your signal through an amp or directly into a PA system to make sure everyone hears your percussion performance.


Combining striking looks and stunning sound, the Meinl Makah Burl Pickup Cajon is a superb choice for any percussionists.

Providing the ability to amplify your sound, this Meinl Cajon is a great option for performing percussionists who want to make they’re heard.

Featuring micro-coiled steel strings, 3 piezo pickups and a stylish birch build, this Cajon delivers an attacking snare sound and warm bass.

For awesome amplification, luscious looks and a well-rounded tone, grab the Meinl Pickup Makah-Burl Cajon today from PMT Online!

Meinl Pickup Makah-Burl Cajon Key Features:

  • 3 x Piezo Pickups – 2 x Snare / 1 x Bass
  • Attacking Snare Sound
  • Warm Bass Tone
  • Custom Micro-Coiled Steel Internally Fixed Cajon Strings
  • Stunning Makah-Burl Front Plate
  • Baltic Birch Resonant Body
  • Size: W: 11 ¾”/ H: 19 ¾”/ D: 12”



Weight (kg)2.0000

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