Meinl Jumbo Cajon Brushes
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Meinl Jumbo Cajon Brushes

by Meinl
The Meinl Jumbo Cajon Brushes are ideal for those looking to gain a bigger sound from their Cajon. Featuring a bigger brush bundle for ..

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The Meinl Jumbo Cajon Brushes are ideal for those looking to gain a bigger sound from their Cajon. Featuring a bigger brush bundle for a deeper bass response.

Jumbo Cajon Brushes

Offering a unique sound between brushes and rods, Meinl’s Cajon brushes provide superb lows and crisp highs. If you want to expand your percussion sounds, these Meinl brushes offer a great way to further utilise your Cajon.

The Meinl Jumbo Cajon Brushes are constructed using strands of wire that are loosely bundled together to offer more flexibility for a wide range of sound responses.

Featuring a thicker, chunkier bundle of strands than the standard brushes, the Jumbo Cajon brushes provide a thick, weighty response with accentuated bass and added volume for a big robust Cajon sound.

The Jumbo Cajon brushes feature 2 sets of thin adjustable rings allowing drummers to achieve the desired amount of strand spread. Simply roll the adjustment rings towards the tip of the brushes to create a more compact bundle with a robust sound, or roll the rings towards the handle to create a wider spread of strands for a brush like response.

Finished with a stylish easy-to-grip white handle adorned with the Meinl logo, brush variety name and black end stoppers for added comfort.

If you want to gain a bigger, deeper sound from your Cajon, the Meinl Jumbo Cajon Brushes are a must.

Meinl has developed an array of Cajon brushes, as part of their Stick and Brush range, for a variety of sound options and musical situations.

Meinl Stick and Brush

The Meinl Stick and Brush series feature a range of various drumstick sizes and tip options, along with selections of multi-rods, brushes and mallets. Whether you’re looking for the perfect feel and response in a drumstick, want a specific percussion sound or require the light touch of brushes or rods, the Meinl Stick and Brush range covers all options. From drumsticks and brushes to mallets and timbale sticks Meinl have something for every musical situation.

Meinl Standard Cajon Brush Key Features:

  • Thick Bundle Wire Strand Construction
  • Double Thin Adjustment Rings
  • Bigger Sound Response
  • Accentuated Bass Tone
  • Crisp Highs to Simulate Slaps
  • Loosely Bundled to Allow for a Variety of Sound Options
  • Easy-to-Grip Handle


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