Meinl Artisan Edition Tango Line Light Eucalyptus Cajon
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Meinl Artisan Edition Tango Line Light Eucalyptus Cajon

by Meinl
The Meinl Artisan Edition Tango Line Light Eucalyptus Cajon offers the optimum in attention to detail delivering superb sound, stunning styl..

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The Meinl Artisan Edition Tango Line Light Eucalyptus Cajon offers the optimum in attention to detail delivering superb sound, stunning style and supreme comfort. Featuring hand-wound snare strings for a snappy snare sound and a birch body for beautiful resonant bass, this Cajon is a cut above the rest.

Meinl Tango Line Cajon

Part of the Meinl Artisan Edition series, this stunning Tango Line Cajon combines striking looks with stunning tone.

The Meinl Artisan Edition range features a variety of Cajon sound options, but the one thing they all have in common is their superb attention to detail in terms of build quality, stylish finish and superb sound.

If you’re looking for a stand out Cajon in both style and sound, look no further than the Meinl Artisan Tango Line.

Meinl Artisan Edition Tango Line Light Eucalyptus Cajon Specifications:

  • Two Set of 3 Pre-Tuned Strings
  • Rounded Corners and Thumb Notches
  • Specially Formulated Soft Rubber Feet
  • Ergonomically Rounded Front Plate with Convex Contact
  • Elegant Heat-Branding on Resonating Body
  • Front Plate: Light Eucalyptus
  • Resonant Body: 9 Ply / 9mm Baltic Birch
  • Tuning Key Included
  • Width: 11 ¼”
  • Height: 19”
  • Depth: 11 ¾”

Stunning Aesthetic

This Meinl Tango Line Cajon features a stunning Light Eucalyptus front plate to deliver a responsive playing feel and luscious looks.

Featuring a natural wood grained finish, the light wood front plate is adorned with a black Meinl logo and features a stunning diamond inlay design.

The side of the Cajon is also marked with an elegant heat-branding of the Artisan Edition Cajon name, plus “Made in Spain”, “handcrafted masterpiece” and “Tango Line” for a classy attention to detail.

The blend of the stunning light wood front plate, dark diamond inlay and the heat-branded side detail serves to create a beautifully elegant overall appearance.

6 Pre-Tuned Strings

The Meinl Tango Line Cajon is fitted with 2 groupings of three pre-tuned metal micro-coiled strings which deliver a beautifully expressive snare sound.

The strings span the inside of the playing surface to ensure a brilliantly responsive snare sound no matter which are you hit across the top of the Cajon.

Hand-Wound Strings

The strings of this Meinl Light Eucalyptus Cajon are hand-wound in the style of the master Spanish Cajon builder Jose “Pepote” Hernandez Diaz.

Highlighting a remarkable attention to detail, these hand-wound snare wires deliver a truly stunning snare sound.

The light eucalyptus front plate and the sets of pre-tuned strings work together to create an extremely responsive and expressive playing setup.

From the lightest finger rolls to the hardest of slaps, the Cajon strings burst into action to deliver a realistic representation of your touch for a brilliantly dynamic sound.

Baltic Birch

The Meinl Artisan Edition Tango Line is constructed from 7 plies of Baltic Birch to ensure a strong, durable percussion instrument.

Known for its musical characteristics, birch offers clear high-end tone and a punchy bass response for an overall well-balanced sound.

Rounded Corners and Thumb Notches

The top corners of this Meinl Tango Line Cajon are rounded to ensure unimpeded, comfortable playing.

Having rounded corners allows players to easily access central and lower areas of the front playing surface to achieve a wider variety of tone.

Similarly, the thumb notch design enables a comfortable playing feel when utilising thumb slaps.

Having specifically shaped thumb notches accommodates comfortable hand placement without the fear of injuring your thumbs on the edge of the Cajon.

Rubber Feet

The base of the Meinl Artisan Cajon is fitted with specially formulated soft rubber feet to ensure stable placement and a comfortable sitting feel on the Cajon.


Providing a well-balanced combination of clear, responsive snare and full bass, the Meinl Tango Line Cajon is a beautiful sounding Cajon.

Offering superb attention to detail, the superb sound is matched by the Cajon’s stunning looks.

The striking natural Light Eucalyptus front plate and heat-branded side design provide a classy, professional overall aesthetic.

Meanwhile the rounded corners and thumb notches ensure a comfortable and enjoyable playing feel.

For a responsive snare sound, beautiful bass and a striking aesthetic, grab the Meinl Artisan Edition Tango Line Cajon today from PMT Online!

Meinl Artisan Edition Tango Line Light Eucalyptus Cajon Key Features:

  • Robust, Responsive Snare Sound
  • Full Bass
  • Light Eucalyptus Front Plate
  • 7 Ply / 9mm Baltic Birch Resonant Body
  • Two Set of 3 Pre-Tuned Strings
  • Rounded Corners and Thumb Notches for Optimal Playing Comfort and Sound
  • Elegant Heat-Branded Resonant Body
  • Stylish Diamond Design Inlay
  • Handcrafted in Spain
  • Tuning Key Included
  • Size: W: 11 ¼” / D: 19” / D: 11 ¾”






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