Ludwig Atlas Classic Single Bass Drum Pedal
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Ludwig Atlas Classic Single Bass Drum Pedal

by Ludwig
The Ludwig Atlas Classic Single Bass Drum Pedal features a plethora of innovative design features to deliver smooth functionality, easy adju..

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The Ludwig Atlas Classic Single Bass Drum Pedal features a plethora of innovative design features to deliver smooth functionality, easy adjustment and comfortable playing feel.

Classic Kick Pedal

Part of the Ludwig Atlas Classic hardware series, this single bass drum pedal has been designed to be lightweight, durable and conveniently portable.

With its array of sleek design features, this single pedal combines simplistic style with optimum functionality to ensure a comfortable and smooth playing feel.

Ludwig LAC14FP Atlas Classic Single Bass Drum Pedal Key Features:

  • Two Drive Belts
  • Fully Adjustable Design
  • Lightweight Aluminium Cam and Beater Clamp
  • Tri-Felt ‘Red-Stripe’ Beater
  • Stainless-Steel Drive Shaft
  • Monarch Dual-Chain Drive Cam
  • Bearing-Pivotal Spring Adjustment
  • SpurLok Heel Plate Anchors
  • Bronze Sleeve Bearings
  • Removable Toe Stop
  • Multi-Positioning Hoop Clamp

2 In 1

The Ludwig Classic single bass drum pedal comes complete with two different drive belts to ensure you have the option to achieve your ideal playing feel and sound.

The pedal includes a chain drive and adjustable length strap to deliver two completely different playing responses to help you gain the most from your kick pedal.

Customised Feel

Featuring a fully adjustable design, this Ludwig Atlas Classic pedal allows you to create a fully customised feel.

The pedal provides you with the ability to adjust the footboard angle, beater angle and spring tension to ensure you achieve your most comfortable playing feel.

Lightweight Cam

The Atlas Classic single pedal features a lightweight aluminium cam and beater clamp to deliver reduced rotation weight for a quicker, lighter stroke.

The lightweight monarch dual-chain drive cam offers a smooth, fluid action to provide quick feel without sacrificing power.

The result is a single bass drum pedal that delivers silky smooth feel and superior powerful punch.

Red Stripe

The single kick drum pedal comes with a tri-felt ‘red-stripe’ beater which is made of medium density felt to deliver a punchy attack and full bass drum sound.

The beater features a lightweight aluminium hub and stainless-steel shaft to provide quick strokes and superb durability.

Offering a classy attention to detail, the beater cap is laser-engraved with the atlas logo to provide a sophisticated aesthetic.

Stainless-Steel Drive Shaft

The stainless-steel drive shaft of the Ludwig Classic pedal is machine tooled to ensure precise rotation and easy adjustability.

Offering a smooth beater stroke and easy beater angle adjustment, the drive shaft works to ensure seamless movement and comfortable feel.

Bearing Pivotal Spring Adjustment

The Ludwig Atlas Classic pedal features ball bearing support for both ends of the spring to decrease resistance in each stroke to promote a smooth feel, maximum speed and longer spring life.

SpurLok Heel Plate Anchors

Working to provide improved stability and added grip, the heel plate of the Ludwig Atlas pedal features SpurLok anchors.

Similar to the way bass drum spurs work to prevent bass drum creep, the SpurLok heel plate anchors keep the heel of the bass drum pedal firmly in place while you play.

Offering slip free performance, these small anchor spurs ensure super stability and solid hold for your pedal.

Removable Toe Stop

This Ludwig single bass drum pedal features a modern-classic footboard design with an integrated removable toe stop to help you tailor the pedal feel to meet your needs.

The CAD designed footboard has been optimized to ensure the perfect balance of lightweight and high strength for a pedal that you can trust to react quickly and be long lasting.

Hoop Clamp

The hoop clamp of this Ludwig bass drum pedal has a multi-positioning design to ensure solid and secure hold of the bass drum hoop.

Featuring a non-marring clip, the clamp adjusts to the diameter of the drum to ensure hoop damage is lessened and hoop rash is kept to a minimum.

Lightweight and Foldable

The Ludwig Atlas Classic pedal features a wire frame base to provide a portable lightweight and convenient foldability to ensure compact and easy transportation.

The pedal also comes with an atlas drum key that can be clipped to the baseplate for convenient storage and quick assess whenever you need it.


With its myriad of well-designed features, this Ludwig Atlas Classic single bass drum pedal combines old school simplicity with modern functionality.

The two included drive belts, removable toe stop and spring adjustment help you to customise the pedal setup with ease to achieve your most comfortable playing feel.

The lightweight dual chain cam, tri-felt beater, stainless steel drive shaft and bronze sleeve bearings work to ensure a smooth pedal response that offers speed and power to help you play dynamically.

And to top it all off the SpurLok anchors and multi-positioning hoop clamp ensure solid and secure pedal placement.

For classic style with modern functionality, buy the Ludwig Atlas Classic Single Bass Drum Pedal now from PMT Online.


Weight (kg)1.0000
Warranty2 years

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