Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage 73 Key Stage Piano

Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage 73 Key Stage Piano

The Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage 73 key stage piano captures the signature sound and incredible performance of a range of legendary keyboards.
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The Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage 73 key stage piano captures the signature sound and incredible performance of a range of legendary keyboards.

SV-2: The Evolution of a Modern Classic

When Korg released the Stage Vintage line 10 years ago it was met with incredible acclaim.

Featuring an intuitive live panel, a fantastic keybed, amazing recreations of popular vintage sounds along with world-class pianos and period-correct effects, these digital pianos were well loved and for good reason.

Now, the Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage digital piano has arrived, keeping everything you loved about the original version but with some fantastic improvements.

With more sounds, increased memory, more polyphony and more presets along with increased control, the Korg SV-2 is an excellent evolution of a modern classic.

Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage 73 Key Stage Piano Key Features:

  • Korg RH3 Graded-Hammer Action Keybed
  • 72 Sounds
  • 64 Memory Slots
  • 128 Voice Polyphony
  • Incredibly Faithful Sound Reproduction
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Valve Reactor Circuit for True 12AX7A Vacuum Tube Sound
  • A Range of Period-Accurate Effects and Amp Models
  • Wide Range of Modern Connections
  • Free SV-2 Editor Software

Amazing Sound Reproduction

Delivering the most incredible, and accurate recreations of classic keyboards, the Korg SV-2 boasts the pinnacle of audio sampling techniques in its sound creations.

Korg have taken the best maintained instruments possible and utilised the latest in modern multi-mic'ing methods to perfectly capture every sound.

Every aspect of the sound has been captured in the RX Layer, from the slap of the tine and release of the hammer to the click of the contacts.

This means you can mix in the exact amount of these authentic elements as you want for your sound.

Furthermore, the full dynamic range of each instrument has also been captured within the Korg SV-2. Every facet of the timbre and changing volume is faithfully created from pianississimo to fortississimo.

All manner of incredible pianos have been recorded for the Korg SV-2.

With the touch of a button you can instantly launch the sounds of some of the world's greatest grand pianos included pianos from Germany, Italy, Austria and Japan.

For more intimate sounds, you can choose from authentic German and Japanese upright pianos. You also have a real honky-tonk piano and a genuine "tack" piano captured in the Korg SV-2 to really add some fantastic character to your performance.

But it doesn't stop there; you also have two beautiful harpsichords; one from France and the other from Italy.

These sounds can all be played alone, layered with other sounds or split across the keyboard.

Carefully Captured Classics

A cornucopia of carefully captured classic keyboard sounds and electric pianos are also included in the Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage digital piano.

From electro-mechanical to transistorised and tape-driven, from analogue to digital keyboards - it's all here in the Korg SV-2.

Get the awesome sounds of nearly all the American tine and reed models, a Japanese electric grand and a rare German electric piano are all included.

You also have analogue, digital, VPM, FM and sampled versions of many electric pianos including the hugely popular KORG M1 piano.

A wide selection of organs are provided too, from tone-wheel classics such as the VOX combo and Italian transistor to American tube organs and even church and cathedral organs.

You can even add strings to your music with a 70s-era analogue string machine, prog-era tape strings and a warm orchestral section all included in the Korg SV-2.

Furthermore, the Korg SV-2 Stage Piano features mallets, brass, choir sounds, guitar and bass sounds and even solo and pad synths - all of which can be used to create amazing layered sounds or handy splits.

Equaliser, Effects and Amp Models

Really allowing you to enhance your sound with the Korg SV2 are its several built-in effects and amp models.

Six independent stages of studio-grade signal processing are featured in the Korg SV-2 and  a Korg Valve Reactor is present.

With the Valve Reactor circuit, you get the beautiful warmth and edgy aggression that you can only get from an authentic 12AX7A vacuum tube.

Just like the faithfully captured instruments, the effects are also incredibly faithful to the originals.

Effect stages include:

  • 3-Band Equaliser
  • Pre FX (Red Compressor, Treble Boost, U-Vibe, VBibrato, Tremolo, VOX Wah)
  • Amp Model (Clean, Twin, Tweed, AC30, Boutique, Organ, plus several types of Cabinet Simulators and Noise Reduction)
  • Modulation FX (Classic Chorus, Black Chorus, Orange Phaser, Small Phaser, MX Flanger, Rotary)
  • Reverb/Delay (Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Tape Echo and Stereo Delay)
  • Limiter (Stereo Limiter, Stereo Mastering Limiter)

Creative Control, Powerful Performance

Installed in the Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage digital piano is a Korg RH3 graded-hammer action keybed.

This amazing keybed gives you the same feeling you have when playing a real grand piano with the low register feeling heavier while the upper register keys are lighter.

What's more, Korg SV-2's RH3 keyboard is incredibly sensitive so it accurately captures and reproduces all the nuances and expression of your performance.

You can even select one of eight distinct velocity curves to match the Korg SV2's keyboard response to your technique or performance style.

Selecting all your sounds and other features is also incredibly intuitive.

There's no display screen with endless menus to navigate through. Instead, everything is there on the control panel so you have instant access to anything you could need.

Also, the Korg SV-2 comes with a DS-2H Damper pedal included which responds to half-pedalling allowing for an amazingly authentic piano response.

Comprehensive Connectivity for Modern Convenience

The Korg SV-2 gives you the benefit of all the audio jacks, data connections and pedal ports that you could want in a modern professional stage piano.

Not only do you have Left and Right 1/4" audio outputs but you'll also find Left and Right XLR outputs allowing you to connect directly to a studio console or onstage snake without needing any direct boxes or impedance matching transformers.

A headphone output is onboard for easy onstage monitoring or private practice.

Din-style MIDI IN and MIDI OUT jacks are also present for easy integration with other MIDI instruments and equipment while a USB port allows you to connect the Korg SV2 to your computer.

The Korg SV-2 features three pedal connections; Damper, Pedal 1 and Pedal 2. You can use the included DS-2H Damper pedal with the Damper pedal connection. Pedal 1 is perfect for a switch type pedal but can also be used as a piano Sostenuto pedal or even a Fast/Slow switch when using the Rotary Pro effect.

Pedal 2 accepts wither a sweep-type pedal or an additional switch pedal. With a sweep pedal you can get some amazing, authentic Wah effects and enjoy highly accurate organ volume control. With an additional switch pedal you have access to all three piano pedal functions, adding the Una Corda function.

Free SV-2 Editor Software

Making the Korg SV-2 even easier to control and get great results is the free SV02 Editor software for Windows and Mac.

Using this application you have convenient and easy access to editing, organising and storing edited sounds in your favourites.

SV-2 Editor all gives you access to hundreds of other sounds that you can't immediately access from the Korg SV-2's control panel. You can even exchange sounds with other users.

Furthermore, you can use the free SV-2 Editor to quickly and easily set up customised split and layered Favourites and save them into memory.

Incredible Sounds, Excellent Performance

From the amazingly captured sounds and the fantastic control and performance capabilities to the varied connections and editing potential, the Korg SV-2 is the ultimate stage piano.

Buy the Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage from PMT Online now and enjoy this vast library of incredible sounds with performance capabilities to match your expression and inspiration.

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Manufacturer Korg
SKU 308165
Shipping Weight (kg) 8.000000
MPN SV2-73
Number of Keys 73 keys
Key Action Hammer Action


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