Keeley Monterey Fuzz Vibe Rotary Wah Pedal
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Keeley Monterey Fuzz Vibe Rotary Wah Pedal Keeley Monterey Fuzz Vibe Rotary Wah Pedal

Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe Pedal

by Keeley
Keeley Monterey - Boutique, Hand-Crafted Rotary, Fuzz, Vibe, and Wah Effects Pedal, Made in the USA Allow me to take you back to the June of..

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Keeley Monterey - Boutique, Hand-Crafted Rotary, Fuzz, Vibe, and Wah Effects Pedal, Made in the USA

Allow me to take you back to the June of 1967: the Monterey Music Festival is taking place, and a relatively unknown Jimi Hendrix had just melted the faces off almost 200,000 people with his unique brand of guitar playing, which included the now-infamous rendition of Wild Thing in which he ended by setting his Fender Strat on fire and smashing it up.

The sounds that Jimi was producing that day were etched into the psyche of music-lovers the world over for many decades to come, and now, thanks to those fantastic engineers over at Keeley Electronics, you can now own a multi-effects pedal that helps you to recreate them!

A Surrealistic Envelope of Neo-Vintage Effects

With the Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe you get a pedal that helps combine those classic sounds with new interpretations, working together to create a modern timbre and audio spectrum for guitarists. It features a vintage fuzz circuit, rotary speaker and vibe effects, harmonic auto-wah, octave-up/octave-down, and even a socket for an expression control pedal, allowing you to generate an absolute arsenal of sound if you want to!

2-Channels, 5 Different Sounds!

With the right-hand stomp switch you can activate the fuzz channel, which has been specially designed to present you with a rich, full, classic two-transister fuzz sound, but with an added touch of smoothness. This fuzz circuit is both responsive and dynamic, and is perfectly suited to any single coil or humbucker pickup.


The second stomp switch, on the other hand, activates the modulation channel - and this is where the fun really begins! Here you can activate an Octave effect (switchable for either Octave Up or Octave Down), with both the Vibe and Wah sounds. If the Octave effect isn't needed? Simply switch it to the centre position and it disappears from your overall sound.


This rich and deep-sounding vibe effect combinest both phasing and tremolo at key frequencies, leaving you with an incredible amount of depth and rhythm at your disposal. With the right settings you can even get the Vibe circuit to simulate that unique pulsing sound usually associated with a photo-cell based effect!

Les Rotary

Just like the original Leslie Rotary Cabinet, this fantastic simulation joins both the lower drum and upper horn into a rich, dimensional effect that produces a stunning soundscape of tremolo and chorus. Mix in the Octave control too, and you have a stunning array of sounds now at your disposal, with plenty more besides.

Harmonic Wah

No tribute to Jimi Hendrix would be complete without the inclusion of a Wah section. You can set this circuitry to be a fixed, cocked sound, an auto wah, harmonic/tremolo wah, or even just plug in an expression pedal and use it as a more traditional Wah.


Put simply, this pedal is a fuzz with tonal control like nothing you've had before, and is suitable for matching any size of power amp to give you the exact fuzz sound that you need. As if all of this wasn't enough, there's even a tiny DIP Switch under the backplate that allows you to change the effects chain order of the Fuzz and Modulation effects!

Superior Construction

The beating heart of the Monterey is comprised of a hand-built board which accommodates both the analog fuzz and modulation circuits. This boutique multi-effects pedal is crafted using decades worth of pedal-building expertise, with attention to detail and tone being at the forefront of every point.

Try Before You Buy

Keep your eyes peeled for this fantastic effects unit landing at a PMT Store near you, and be sure to request an in-store demonstration with one of our resident product experts


  • Boutique multi-effects unit with Fuzz, Rotary, Vibe, Wah, and Octave sounds
  • Socket for external expression pedal (not included)
  • Not battery compatible: requires standard 9v DC 100mA power supply to run (not included)
  • Free home delivery available


Weight (kg)1.0000
Effectsfuzz, auto wah, chorus/modulation, envelope filter
Power Supply9v dc adapter only (not included)
Channels2 channels
Warranty2 years

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