Gretsch Full Range Ash 13" x 7" Snare Drum
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Gretsch Full Range Ash 13" x 7" Snare Drum

The Gretsch Full Range Ash 13” x 7” Snare has been specifically developed to offer a sharp, aggressive sound with an upfront biting tone..

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The Gretsch Full Range Ash 13” x 7” Snare has been specifically developed to offer a sharp, aggressive sound with an upfront biting tone. Each snare has a unique finish thanks to the natural Ash grain.

Ash Snare Drum

The Gretsch Ash snare is part of the “Full Range” Snare drum series. This range does exactly what it says, it offers a full range of snare sounds that cover a wide variety of musical situations and styles. From steel and brass shells to rosewood, poplar, ash and maple there is something for everyone in Gretsch’s full range series.

10-Ply Ash

This Gretsch Full Range snare features a 10ply 100% ash construction. Ash is characterised by pronounced, warm high and mid-range frequencies and a slightly more subdued bottom end. It has a throaty warmth to its sound.

Gretsch specifically developed this 10ply Gretsch formula ash shell to produce a sharper, aggressive more cutting sound that still maintained a good level of sustain control. The result is a snare drum with an upfront, biting sound with a forward attack and good warmth of tone.

The 30 degree bearing edges of this snare further accentuate the warm characteristics of the shell.

12 Lug

Rather than using a double-ended lug for this snare, Gretsch have opted for 12 single ended lugs, no doubt to add extra control to the shell sustain. The snare is framed with 2.3mm double flanged hoops. The ash snare also comes fitted with a fully adjustable strainer for easy adjustment of the snare response and has a fixed butt plate. The snare wires are 20 strand and the snare is topped off with Remo Drumheads.

Unique Aesthetic

Thanks to their natural grain, no two Gretsch ash snares are alike. The snare has a satin finish that shows off the beauty of the natural grain of the ash shell for a truly unique aesthetic. The classy natural wood finish is complemented beautifully by the chrome hardware for an overall professional look.

The Gretsch Full Range Ash Snare is also offered in a 14” x 6.5” option.


The Gretsch Ash Snare offers an assertive, aggressive, attacking tone for an instant biting sound. If you like upfront presence in your snare tone then the Gretsch Ash is a great choice. Featuring a specifically developed snare construction for enhanced control and sharpness, this Gretch Full Range snare has a uniqueness to its look and its sound. The beautiful natural ash grain and chrome hardware have a stunning aesthetic that is truly one of a kind. The Gretsch Ash is a great addition to any drummer’s arsenal.

Gretsch Full Range Ash 13” x 7” Snare Key Features:

  • 10 ply Ash Shell
  • 12 Single Ended Lugs
  • 20 Degree Bearing Edges
  • Sharp, Attacking Aggressive Tone
  • Controlled Sustain
  • 2.3mm Triple Flanged Hoops
  • 20 Strand Snare Wire
  • Fully Adjustable Snare Strainer and Fixed Butt Plate
  • Remo Drumheads


Weight (kg)5.0000
Seriesfull range snares

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