Get a FREE 3 month subscription to BPM Supreme when you purchase a Roland DJ-202, DJ-505, DJ-808 or DJ-707m.

Get a FREE three-month subscription to BPM Supreme when you purchase and register a Roland DJ-202, DJ-505, DJ-808 or DJ-707m.


The incredible team at Roland has partnered with BPM Supreme to help you get the best experience possible from your brand-new Roland DJ controller. For a limited time only, you get a FREE 3 months subscription to BPM Supreme - the music source trusted by top DJs and producers.


What is BPM Supreme?

So what exactly is BPM Supreme?

BPM Supreme is a digital record pool for professional DJs, producers, and remixers and a trusted source of music. BPM Supreme was Established in early 2006, and snce then has become the go-to music source for Professional DJs due to the quality and quantity of the catalogue available. You'll find what you need! 

Where does BPM Supreme get their music from?

The team at BPM Supreme receive music directly from major record labels, record companies, and independent artists. All music and video is fully licensed and safe to distribute to professional DJs.

Why should I join a record pool like BPM Supreme?

If you're a DJ travelling around the world, you need a record pool!  This means you don't have to carry your records/CDs or worry about hard drives! DJs at every level of their career are quickly realizing the importance of having a record pool as one of their sources of music. You get priority access to the newest music available - ideal for DJs who need their finger in the pulse of the scene

What sets BPM Supreme apart from similar record pools?

The catalogue available on BPM Supreme consists of thousands of tracks spanning from the 70s, 80s, 90s to the newest releases topping the charts today. DJs of all styles will find what they need and have instant access to the tracks that their community wants.

BPM Supreme also has an engaged community of DJs around the world - you're joining a growing community of music lovers around the world. 

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How do I receive the my FREE subscription?

  1. Simply purchase your DJ-202, DJ-505, DJ-707M or DJ-808 from us here at PMT Online or instore between 01/03/20 until further notice
  2. Register your product at
  3. You'll get your email after registration containing your unique licence code