Yamaha Revstar Series

Yamaha Revstar Guitars

Influenced by the Café Racer bikes from 1960s London, the Yamaha Revstar electric guitar series are stripped back, lean mean tone machines, with plenty of options and premium appointments.

High-quality engineered instruments designed in Japan featuring superb styling and detailed craftsmanship.

Whether it's the stripped version like the Yamaha Revstar RSE20 or the Premium-Grade 'Made in Japan' Yamaha Revstar RSP02T, Revstar has a model for everyone.


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Dynamic Range of Pickups

There are two types of pickups that arrive with each Yamaha Revstar. Humbuckers or P-90s. So if you like the raw kick of a humbucker, then the Yamaha Revstar RS420 series or the RS720BX is for you. If bright and thick tones are more your thing, then check the Yamaha Revstar RS502T with its matched pair of P-90s.

Premium Bridge Designs

The Yamaha Revstar electric guitars come with a variety of high-quality bridges. A modern adjustable wrap around bridge can be found on the Yamaha Revstar RS620. Whereas more retro-inspired tailpiece style bridges can be found on the Yamaha Revstar RS502T and RS502TFM models.

For a full vintage throwback, then check the Yamaha Revstar RS720B, RS720BX and RS702B models with a classic Bigsby B50 Tremolo system installed. Fantastic for those 50s and 60s trem shimmers.

Finish and Wood Options Aplenty

Maple and Mahogany bodies offer a deep warm resonance, perfect for delivering perfect lows, mids and highs through whatever pickups your Revstar has.

From classic block colours such as Ice Blue and Billet Green through to Flamed Maple tops and Hand Brushed Satin (Steel wool), you'll find there is a style for every guitar player.