Two Notes

Two Notes Audio Engineering have long been a purveyor of excellent DAW related software and plugins. In more recent years, however, they've moved into the realm of excellent, premium-quality hardware, such as the Torpedo C.A.B. (literally "Cabinets in A Box"), a stompbox with inbuilt classic amp emulators that's perfect for both studio and live setups.

Subsequent to the release of the Torpedo C.A.B. they decided to push the envelope even further and designed a brand new range of stompbox preamps, or "Le Preamp" Range, featuring four pedals each with their own speciality (one for bass, one for clean guitar tones etc.).

Le Preamp range makes traditional amps virtually redundant!

Even as a standalone pedal, each of these Preamps is more than worth the asking price, but if you factor in everything else that you can do with them... well, let's just say that the cost price seems very low indeed. Regardless of which of their products is being used, their quality shines through and their interactivity is intangible. We here at PMT are certainly glad to now be selling their products, and we're looking forward to the next wave of inventions to come out of the Two Notes R&D labs.

For more information on the Two Notes products that we will be selling, contact your local PMT Store and once they're in stock our in-store experts will gladly arrange a demonstration for you.