Founded and built in the USA, Strymon pedals are setting the industry standard in guitar effects and sounds.

Guitar effects have been extremely popular since the 1970s, with famous guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen pioneering the use of phaser sounds to Chet Atkins' awesome tremolo and delay effects. Guitarists are known for exploring outside the boundaries of their instruments inherent capabilities, and over the courses of the past 40 years, we’ve been introduced to a number of devices such as phasers, flangers, super chorus, fuzz boxes, tremolo, reverb and much more.

Strymon pedals contain all of these effects and tons more to play with! Expertly crafted with premium materials and considered to be both durable and of high sound quality, it’s no wonder they’re some of the most popular effects pedals you can buy on the market.

Strymon Pedals

Founded in 2004 in California, USA, Damage Control Engineering started out as a modest group of five friends, who shared the same dream. Originally specialising in tube-driven effects units, their original line of pedals was an instant hit with fans and in 2009 the team began work on a new generation of effects pedals. Strymon pedals would continue to set new standards for studio-grade and professional guitar effects, utilising DSP algorithms with unrivalled sound quality and tonal texture.

The core philosophy of Strymon is based around 'uncompromising sound', with meticulous attention to the finer details. Their pedals are highly revered amongst seasoned guitar players both for studio recording and live stage use.

If you’re looking for an overdrive pedal that has the ability to cover the widest range of tones possible, then look no further than the Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal. Strymon combined 6 classic overdrive and boost circuits together to give you two channels of mind-melting overdrive sounds that you can use in parallel for creating great harmonics.

Be sure to check out the Big Sky Reverberator - A multidimensional reverb pedal that is powerful and versatile.

Choosing a reverb pedal is a tough decision to make with Strymon as they have a large variety of awesome effects pedals to choose from. The Strymon Blue Sky Reverb Pedal has every reverb sound you could ever need. It comes with standard damping, mix controls and decay features which will have you setting up your favourite reverb sounds in record time; as well as advanced features such as modulation, textures and shimmer mode.

The Timeline Delay is an equally popular effect with unlimited effect shaping and unrivalled tone processing

As far as boutique pedals go, none come much better than Strymon. Whether you’re playing in your garage with friends, at a small local venue or even all the way up to huge concerts and gigs, all kinds of musicians can benefit from Strymon pedals. Strymon pedals are made by musicians, for musicians, so you can be certain when you plug in a Strymon pedal you will get the great sound you’ve been looking for. Find them at local PMT Stores around the UK, with expert advice and full demonstrations available.


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