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Origin Effects was founded in England by Simon Keats in 2012 and has since garnered a well-deserved reputation as one of the music industry's premier manufacturers of studio-grade effects - with their Compressors often being described as the gold standard for modern musicians.


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More About Origin FX

Keats's first foray into effects creation began after experimenting with a pair of Urei 1176 studio compressors that he was repairing, and decided that he wanted a pedal that could recreate that same impeccable sound with a single stompbox - and thus the amazing Cali76 was born.

This incredible Compressor and its numerous successors and incarnations will offer you ultra-clear, clean sustain for days, and feels just as much at home when used with vocals, drums, synths, bass, and wind instruments as it does with a guitar.

In the years since 2012, both Keats and Origin Effects have strived to produce some of the best possible effects on the market, with each and every product being created to the same level of quality, resulting in many artist endorsements, rave reviews, and incredible feedback from the guitar-playing community.

Amongst their other products, you will find such notable stompboxes as the innovative RevivalDrive and RevivalDrive Custom - overdrive pedals that can accurately recreate the tone and nuances of vintage-style amplifiers, even when played through a flat response active speaker!

So check out our incredible selection of studio-quality effects from Origin FX, and if you can't see the effect that you're looking for be sure to contact our Online Sales Team or pop into your local PMT Store for more information.