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The Nord Grand is a truly exceptional instrument built to deliver the feel of an acoustic grand piano with incredible realism. It features a premium Kawai keybed with advanced triple sensors which capture the movements of the hammers (rather than the keys) with unrivalled precision. It also includes Nord’s easy to use, performance-ready interface, Ivory Touch keys and a wide selection of sounds from the exclusive Nord Piano and Sample Libraries.

The Nord Piano 4 is the perfect stage piano for the musician who simply desires sublime sounding acoustic and electric pianos. This fourth generation of the series features expanded voice polyphony, a premium triple sensor keybed and invaluable performance features like Seamless Transitions, dedicated Piano Filters and Split Point Crossfades. The Nord Piano 4 also features a wide selection of pianos from the exclusive Nord Piano Library and expanded memory for the Nord Sample Library. The Nord Triple pedal is included as standard.