Originally founded in Kew Gardens, New York but now based in Kanagawa, Japan; Marantz is a company that develops high-end audio products.

Marantz have been a well-known and respected name for many decades now, making some of the best audiophile gear available in the Hi-Fi market.

However, Marantz also make incredible recording studio gear, which is very, very well-priced.

Marantz Professional gear is always a fantastic choice for any home studio, podcasters or anyone looking for good-quality equipment for live audio & recording, without breaking the bank.

Marantz are perhaps most well known in the music industry for their incredible microphones.

While Marantz microphones are hugely popular in studios the world over, you will also find Marantz mixing desks and Marantz studio monitors to be very well received.

At PMT Online you can order from a great range of Marantz products such as the Marantz Sound Live tabletop mixing desks, the MPM-3500R microphone, Marantz Studioscape 2-way monitors and the hugely popular MPM-1000 cardioid condenser microphone.