J Rockett Pedals

J.Rockett Pedals come at us from a partnership that began in 2006 between Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rockett.

Both Chris and Jay have had many years of experience performing as session musicians in the recording industry but after years of being dissatisfied with the products available on the market, Chris and Jay decide to create their own products to meet their high requirements.

While there are and were many great products on the market, Jay and Chris particularly wanted to design products that would meet their own personal tonal needs with the hope that their creations would satisfy the needs of the many.

As it happens, J.Rockett Pedals have been made musicians over the world extremely happy with their custom enclosures, unique sounds and powerful controls.

Unique custom enclosures have been used to deliver great aesthetic and functional benefits. Inspired by the Audiophile world, J.Rockett Pedals have that great, minimalistic look with tonal delivery on professional and critical listening levels.