Electric Sound Products or 'ESP' started business in 1975. At the time ESP produced replacement guitar parts but quickly gained a reputation and a following in Japan for the impeccable quality of these parts.

In 1983 ESP introduced themselves to the US market producing custom instruments for local New York artists. Bands such as Living Colour, Kiss, and The Rolling Stones also began to use ESP guitars.

During this period in the '80s, ESP began producing necks and bodies for larger guitar manufacturers, and it wasn't long until ESP became an iconic name in the guitar world.


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Introduced in 1996, ESP LTD guitars were produced to meet the demands of players on a tighter budget, but still wanted the feel of high-end ESP Custom models. Covering a wide range of body shapes, sizes, and designs, there is an LTD guitar for everyone. As a premier ESP LTD UK Guitar Dealer, we've got plenty on display in-store to try, with their full line-up available to special order.

Today ESP continues to innovate and bring new things to the guitar market. Their popularity has risen to the point where almost every metal band on the planet uses ESP guitars. Any fans of hard rock/metal should absolutely try one of these amazing guitars - they certainly inspire your performances.


  • Where are ESP guitars made?

    ESP guitars are made in Japan.
  • Who plays ESP guitars?

    ESP guitars are used by countless professionals worldwide, including by household names such as James Hetfield, Kirk Hammet, Ronnie Wood, and Stephen Carpenter.
  • What type of music are ESP guitars good for?

    ESP guitars are versatile and suitable for a range of genres. They are especially popular with alternative musicians and those who play heavier genres and different types of metal.