BluGuitar are an innovative, R&D-driven amplifier company that are evolving what's expected from traditional guitar backline and pedalboard solutions.


BluGuitar is now the specialist for handy-sized but powerful professional equipment providing modern, smart solutions.


AMP1 is their most renowned product in the Bluguitar lineup, combining the power of a traditional AmpHead with the portability of a Stompamp.

AMP1 is a fully analogue amp with four separate channels, amplified by a new breed of 100-watt Class D tube power amp. Each channel can be driven with an extra dose of gain, thanks to AMP1’s built-in adjustable Boost control.

AMP1 is also perfect for use without a loudspeaker, either with headphones or for ‘Silent Recording’. You can use AMP1 as an amp head on top of your cab, connect it up to your effects board and stompboxes, or simply have it on the floor in front of you.


Bluguitar REMOTE1 is the ideal foot-operated controller for AMP1. Using a standard mono jack cable REMOTE1 is connected to the FOOTSWITCH socket on AMP1. You can now call up all the sounds available in AMP1, save your own sounds as presets and use the additional features: 2nd Master Volume and PowerSoak. MIDI-capable equipment can also be connected to the MIDI OUT socket and their programmes can be switched as part of the Presets on REMOTE1.

But thats not all! LOOPERKIT, an additional option available for REMOTE1 , is a switch using four True Bypass Loops, meaning you can also integrate external effects into your setup. Combinations of active pedals and sound settings stored as presets can now be called up with one tap of your foot on REMOTE1.

Put simply, the addition of REMOTE1 transforms AMP1 into a professional programmable guitar system.


The Bluguitar Fatcab, Nanocab and Twincab capture the authentically British speaker tone sound of the 60's and 70's. Because speakers need the perfect housing to deliver the perfect sound, all BluGuitar cabinets are built using plywood with internal bracings to strengthen their construction, while keeping them lightweight and portable.

The basketweave front works as a filter, making the sound even silkier.

All Bluguitar speaker cabinets come complete with a robust, padded protection cover too!


Award-winning guitar virtuoso Thomas Blug is well-regarded as one of the World's very best active guitarists today. In addition to having collaborated with some absolute industry giants on live and studio music projects, Thomas has also been a sound designer and co-developer of guitar amplifiers, effects and guitars with some of the biggest names in the business for quarter of a century.

In 2014 Thomas decided it was time to form his own amplification company, and thus BluGuitar was born. With BluGuitar Thomas continues to develop innovative guitar-related products, and here at PMT we're very excited for what the future may hold in this regard!