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Boss Nextone Artist 80 Watt Guitar Amplifier Front
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Boss Nextone Artist 80 Watt Guitar Amplifier

by Boss
Not content with the huge waves created by their fabulous Katana range, BOSS have delved even deeper into the amplifier market to bring you ..

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Not content with the huge waves created by their fabulous Katana range, BOSS have delved even deeper into the amplifier market to bring you the next step in guitar amp technology. Introducing the BOSS Nextone Artist - a simply phenomenal 80 Watt stage amplifier that utilises Tube Logic technology like never before.

BOSS Nextone Artist 80 Watt Guitar Amplifier Highlights

  • Professional performance amplifier with authentic Tube Logic tone
  • Four analog Class AB power amp circuits, selectable from the panel: 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34
  • Portable combo design with 80 watts of power and custom 12-inch speaker
  • Clean and lead channels, with standard and custom mode options
  • Dynamically responsive power control for cranked-up sound and response at reduced volumes
  • Nextone Editor (Mac/Windows) for customizing internal amp parameters, including tone stack type, EQ, sag, bias, effects, system settings, and much more
  • Boost and Tone switches for adding crunch and sparkle
  • Built-in delay, tremolo, and reverb effects, plus loop for patching in external effects
  • External speaker jacks: one 8 ohm and two 16 ohm
  • Line, USB, and phones/recording outputs, with three Air Feel mic’d cab settings selectable from the Nextone Editor
  • Support for direct recording and re-amping via USB

Four Amp Circuits In One

Usually an amplifier would have a single power amp circuit, often referred to as the amps 'heart'. This circuit is what provides an amplifier with its tonal character - the way it reacts to your play style.

With the BOSS Nextone Artist you actually get FOUR individual power amp circuits in the one box - and it's not a modelling amp either!

Tube Logic Technology

Unlike a modelling amp, the BOSS Nextone Artist utilises Tube Logic technology to offer you the kind of musical response and flexibility normally associated with a vintage Valve amplifier.

For the BOSS Nextone amplifiers, the latest evolution of Tube Logic is combined with solid state pure-discrete analog circuits to give you the choice of four classic amp sounds.

Four Power Amp Circuits

The circuits you can choose from are 6V6 (Princeton), 6L6 (Twin Reverb), EL84 (AC30) and EL34 (1959), giving you a good selection of classic American and British amp sounds to choose from.

Each of these circuits not only changes the the way in which the amp reacts to the speaker, and the way the input responds, but ultimately the feeling the amp gives you when you play.

These amp characteristics remain constant, even when interacting with the EQ and gain stages, making each one a completely unique experience.

Two Channels, Two Voice Switches

In addition to being able to choose your amp characteristics, you get two channels to choose between (Clean and Lead), and two extra tone shaping switches (Boost and Tone) at your disposal.

Boost Switch

On the Clean channel, activating the Boost switch will give you a crunch sound, the kind of warm throaty sound associated with overdriven valves. Used on the Lead channel however, Boost will produce a full on distorted sound that's perfect for the hard rockers out there.

Tone Switch

When used on the Clean channel, the Tone switch adds some mid-and high-frequency range sparkle, giving you a nice and crisp tone. On the lead channel, this fattens your tone up, and is perfect for those moments when you really want your guitar solo to stand out.

Power Control Switch

As with the Katana amps before it, the BOSS Nextone Artist features a Power Control switch quietens down your output (the options are Max, Half, 0.5W and Standby). However, don't think this is only good for playing quietly!

With the switch set to Half or even 0.5W, simply crank up your Volume level to get an increasingly coloured sound and response. In fact if you set the amp to 0.5W, and turn the volume up to full, you can recreate the fabled Brown Sound without blowing any electrics or bursting eardrums.

On Board Effects

Another nice addition from BOSS is the inclusion of on-board Reverb, Delay and Tremolo effects, and an external FX loop. Each of these options are footswitchable, and can be fully customised using the editor.

Extra Outputs

As if all of that wasn't enough, BOSS have also included outputs for Headphones (for quiet practice time), USB Recording, and even for an external speaker cab. With the Line Out socket you get three different "Air Feel" options, which are Mic'd cab settings to give you a more authentic sound when recording directly into a desk or PC setup.

Be Your Own Amp Tech

With the aid of the Nextone Editor you can fully customise and spec your amp accordingly. The settings you can adjust are as follows:

  • Different Valve Power selection per channel
  • Swap around EQ Stacks to suit your needs
  • Control of Valve SAG and BIAS
  • Custom Mode allows for unique combinations of Channel and EQ
  • Alternate effects can also be added in place of the Delay, along with alternative types of Delay, Trem, Reverb and Boost

Nextone Editor is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms.

Don't Be Late To The Party

If you'd like to know about the availability of the BOSS Nextone Artist then please be sure to contact our online sales team directly. Alternatively, place your order now and receive yours once they land in our 15 stores nationwide!

BOSS Nextone Artist Technical Specs

  • Rated Power Output: 80 W 
  • Speaker: 30 cm (12 inches) x 1

Nominal Input Level

  • Input: -10 dBu (1 M ohm)
  • Return In: -10 dBu (100 k ohm)


  • Buttons: Ch Select button, Boost button, Tone button
  • Clean Channel: Volume knob
  • Lead Channel: Gain Knob, Volume knob
  • EQ: Bass, Middle, Treble 
  • Effect: Delay button, Tap button, Delay knob, Reverb knob
  • Other Controls: Presence knob, Master knob
  • Power Amp Select switch: 6V6, 6L6, EL84, EL34
  • Power Control Switch: STANDBY, 0.5 W, HALF, MAX
  • Power Switch


  • Input jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Rec Out/phones jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
  • Send jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Return jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Line Out jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Speaker Out 16 ohms A jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Speaker Out 16 ohms B jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Speaker Out 8 ohms jack: 1/4-inch phone type
  • Ch Select/boost jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • Delay/ga-fc jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • USB port: USB B type
  • AC In jack
  • Power Consumption: 77 W


  • Owner' s manual
  • Power cord
  • GA-FC sticker


  • Width: 572mm
  • Depth: 248mm
  • Height: 475mm
  • Weight: 16.2 kg


Weight (kg)18.0000
Channels2 channels
Warranty2 years
Woofer Size12" woofer
Power80 watts
Amp Typesolid-state amplifier

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