Discover the ideal Christmas gift for that special bass guitarist in your life through PMT Online's Ultimate Bass Gifting Guide! Leveraging a history of offering expert suggestions, we present a thoughtfully curated assortment of bass guitars suitable for beginners, enthusiasts, and players at all skill levels. Our diverse gift selection ensures a perfect match for every bassist, suggesting instruments that not only cater to individual proficiency but also encompass a range of tastes and styles. Whether you're guiding a novice on their musical journey or seeking the ultimate gift for a seasoned bass player, our guide serves as your gateway to finding the perfect balance between quality, style, and personal preference.

Stocking Fillers

Discovering an ideal Christmas gift for musicians can prove challenging, especially for those not well-versed in music. Spare yourself the effort of brainstorming and peruse our thoughtfully curated selection of excellent stocking stuffers! Delve into our assortment of accessories and small gifts specifically designed for bassists. Secure the ideal stocking filler for the musician, music lover, or music teacher in your life this Christmas.

Musical gifts for Christmas

Guitar Straps

For most Guitarists, a high-quality Guitar Strap adds both comfort and style to their performance, ensuring they play with ease and look great on stage.


Accurate tuning is crucial for players, and a reliable guitar tuner ensures precision in every note.

Ear Plugs

Safeguard their hearing during loud performances with Ear Plugs—an considerate gift that demonstrates your concern for their well-being while ensuring they can still fully enjoy the music.

Bass Effects pedals

Surprise a bass guitarist this Christmas with our range of Bass Pedals, unlocking a realm of sonic possibilities. These pedals enable experimentation with diverse tones, ensuring their music becomes genuinely distinctive.


Bassists never know when they may need to replace strings while practising or performing regularly. Bass strings make a great small gift. 

Guitar Picks

For bass guitar enthusiasts, the sentiment remains: you can never have too many. Whether played acoustically or electrically, these serve as excellent stocking fillers for a bass guitarist.

Bass Starter Packs

For those embarking on their musical journey with the bass, explore a Bass Starter Pack—a comprehensive bundle encompassing all the essentials for a novice bass guitarist. This ensures they have everything required to immerse themselves in the captivating world of music.

Bass Amps

For individuals venturing into the realm of bass playing, consider a Bass Amplifier Starter Pack – an extensive bundle that provides all the necessary components for a beginner bassist, ensuring they are equipped with everything essential to delve into the world of music or continue their musical career. 

Christmas Gift Cards

When tackling the challenge of Christmas gifts for musicians, things can get a bit tricky, especially if you're not entirely sure about their musical taste or lack expertise in instruments. Enter gift cards—the lifesavers. They let your music-loving friend or family member pick out exactly what they want, turning your gift into a personalised musical journey.

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Vouchers we offer

Our Bass recommendations 

We have selected some bass guitars ideal for those looking to gift a lucky musician a new bass guitar this Christmas. Whether you're buying for a newcomer to playing bass or for a seasoned player, we have a fine selection of guitars available for delivery before Christmas day. 

Antiquity AQ-JB - A Vintage Gem for Beginners

The Antiquity AQ-JB Bass Guitar in a dazzling 3-Tone Sunburst finish is a vintage-inspired gem tailored for beginners and seasoned players alike. Its iconic dual-cutaway body design, meticulously crafted for comfort, draws inspiration from one of the most popular electric bass guitars ever created. The slim and smooth neck enhances playability, ensuring extended playing without hand fatigue.

Equipped with bright and clear single coil pickups, this bass delivers accurate tones suitable for various genres, including Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Pop, and Rock. It's the perfect choice for beginners, providing affordability without compromising on quality. Whether you're just starting your bass-playing journey or need a reliable backup, the Antiquity AQ-JB offers style, comfort, and exceptional performance.

Unlock your musical potential with this affordably priced bass that combines vintage aesthetics with modern playability. Elevate your playing experience and make this Antiquity bass the centerpiece of your musical journey.

Ibanez GSR200B - Budget-Friendly Bass Delight

The Ibanez GSR200B Walnut Flat stands as a testament to affordable pro comfort and playability. This budget-friendly electric bass guitar is designed for beginners seeking a sleek instrument with added low-end power. Its thinner neck, thinner nut, and balanced, comfort-contoured body provide a lightweight and comfortable playing experience.

The active EQ paired with the right choice of pickups ensures superb tone matching the quality of more expensive basses. Ideal for beginners, the Ibanez GSR200B Walnut Flat offers affordability without compromising on playability, making it the perfect choice for those stepping into the world of bass guitars.

This Christmas, gift the aspiring bassist in your life an instrument that combines style, comfort, and exceptional tone. The Ibanez GSR200B Walnut Flat is the gateway to affordable bass playing without compromising on quality.

Jackson JS1X CB Concert Bass Minion - Mighty Bass for Aspiring Players

The Jackson JS1X CB Concert Bass Minion offers a unique proposition for those considering bass playing. This 3/4-size, short-scale electric bass guitar is perfect for younger and petite aspiring bassists. Its comfortable and lightweight Poplar body, along with a smooth Maple neck and PJ pickup combination, caters to beginners and beyond.

The PJ pickup configuration provides a versatile sonic palette, allowing you to explore classic P-Bass thump and J-Bass growl. Not only is this bass of great quality, but its compact size and affordable price make it an ideal Christmas or birthday present for aspiring bassists. Stand out from the crowd with this visually striking and sonically impressive bass.

This Christmas, gift the joy of bass playing with the Jackson JS1X CB Concert Bass Minion, a powerful instrument tailored for beginners and aspiring musicians.

Yamaha TRBX174 Bass - Versatile Delight for All Styles

The Yamaha TRBX174 Bass in Old Violin Sunburst is a future classic that unlocks your playing potential. Crafted for both modernized and timeless tones, this bass features an Alder body for a balanced, mellow tone with an extra bite.

Designed with ultimate comfort in mind, the silky smooth Maple neck allows for effortless movement up and down the fretboard. With its versatile pickup configuration, you can achieve a distinct sound that suits various playing styles. The TRBX174 offers gig-ready tone and exceptional playability, making it an ideal choice for bassists of all levels.

This Christmas, gift the aspiring bassist in your life an instrument that combines sleek design, exceptional playability, and versatile tones. The Yamaha TRBX174 Bass is the perfect companion for musicians seeking quality and affordability.

Squier Mini Precision Bass - Perfectly Sized for Beginners

Product Recommendations: The Squier Mini Precision Bass  is a high-quality, fun-sized bass guitar designed for smaller and younger players. Crafted with a lightweight Poplar body and a bolt-on Maple neck, this bass provides comfort and playability, making it an excellent choice for complete beginners.

With a shorter 28.6" scale length, the Squier Mini Precision Bass reduces string tension and minimizes hand fatigue, allowing for extended playing sessions. The thunderous bass tones delivered by the split single coil pickup capture the signature P-Bass sound, making it suitable for various music styles.

This Christmas, introduce the joy of bass playing with the Squier Mini Precision Bass, a high-quality instrument perfectly sized for beginners and smaller players.

Peavey Milestone Bass - Crafted Excellence at a Great Price

The Peavey Milestone Bass Guitar MN in Natural is a superb blend of excellent craftsmanship and intelligent design at a reasonable price. With a Basswood body, smooth-playing Maple neck, and Maple fingerboard, this bass provides balanced styling and comfort.

The patent-applied-for Powerplate embedded in the headstock enhances natural sustain and volume, while the Ceramic-loaded single coil pickups in a PJ configuration deliver a combination of thunderous P-style and growling J-style tones. The Peavey Milestone is an excellent purchase for both beginners and more experienced players looking for value for money.

This Christmas, gift the aspiring bassist in your life an instrument that combines rock-solid construction, innovative technology, and powerful pickups. The Peavey Milestone Bass is the perfect companion for players seeking quality at an affordable price.

Jackson JS2 Spectra Bass - Stylish Versatility for Enthusiasts

The Jackson JS2 Spectra Bass Guitar in classic Gloss Black is a stylish and versatile instrument that delivers enormous sound. With a sleek body shape, 24 jumbo frets, and a 34" scale length, this bass is designed for maximum playability and tonal expression.

Equipped with Jackson J-Style and P-Style pickups, along with volume, blend, and bass boost controls, the JS2 Spectra offers a wide range of tones suitable for various playing styles. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this bass provides exceptional playability and gig-ready tone.

This Christmas, treat the bass enthusiast in your life with the Jackson JS2 Spectra Bass, a visually striking instrument that delivers style, comfort, and sonic versatility.

Squier Affinity Jaguar Bass - Modern Simplicity with Classic Jaguar Style

The Squier Affinity Jaguar Bass H LRL Black PG in Charcoal Frost Metallic brings a touch of modern simplicity to the classic Jaguar style. Arriving with a newly-voiced humbucker pickup, medium scale length, and a thin, lightweight Poplar body, this bass offers a comfortable and edgy playing experience.

The Jaguar-shaped design, paired with a satin neck finish, gloss headstock, and unique finish, makes this bass visually appealing. The newly-voiced humbucker delivers a punchy and clear tone, while the volume and tone knobs allow for easy tone tweaking. Squier has crafted a workhorse bass suitable for everyone, from new beginners to experienced low-end enthusiasts.

This Christmas, gift the bass player in your life a unique and modern instrument that stands out both visually and sonically. The Squier Affinity Jaguar Bass is simplicity and style in one package.

Antiquity AQ-PB - Classic Thump for Budding Bassists

The Antiquity AQ-PB Bass Guitar in a striking White finish is a classic choice for those venturing into the world of bass playing. Boasting a familiar dual-cutaway body design and a smooth neck, this bass provides a comfortable playing experience for extended sessions.

The thunderous tones are delivered by the split coil pickup, capturing the trademark thump that has graced hit records since the 1950s. Ideal for beginners, the Antiquity AQ-PB offers affordability without compromising on quality, making it a reliable choice for players of all levels.

This Christmas, introduce the joy of bass playing with the Antiquity AQ-PB, a timeless instrument that combines classic design with modern playability.

And there you have it, your Ultimate Bass Guitar Gifting Guide this Christmas! If you haven't discovered the ideal gift while perusing our guide, we suggest exploring our dedicated Gifts for Bassists page for additional options, or reach out to our customer service team. Our colleagues will gladly assist you in selecting the perfect gift within your budget and offer expert advice as needed. Alernatively, head to your nearest store to speak to one of our experts.