We explore the new Fender Player Plus range of instruments and take a closer look at how they compare to the Player Series

Fender have officially launched the new Player Plus collection of guitars and bass guitars, blessing us with a stunning array of instruments with some premium new additions.

Keep reading to find out exactly what’s on offer, how they compare to the original Player Series, and why we think they’re an excellent choice for those looking to stand out from the crowd..

New Fender Player Plus Models

The new collection of Player Plus instruments includes the following new models:

Fender Player Plus Lineup

These guitars and basses essentially replace the Deluxe Series of Fender instruments. They’re still made in the Ensenada factory in Mexico, and they retain a lot of the same features that made the Deluxe collection popular.

The original Player Series is now the best-selling series in Fender history - despite only being launched in 2018, it has helped to redefine the standard for what entry-level Fender guitars can be.

This has made the launch of the Player Plus series all the more exciting. With this range, Fender are offering a collection of advanced instruments built for players seeking a more affordable, high-performance tool of expression.

So what makes Player Plus guitars better than the Player Series?

What's The Difference?

There are a number of notable improvements across the Player Plus range - not only are they finished in some striking new colourways, but the pickups, hardware, and electrical components have all been spruced up, too.

There are also options for the more refined player - the Jazz Bass V, HSS Strat, and Nashville Telecaster all come with their own unique benefits for those who seek a more complete instrument for their chosen style of playing.

Let’s dive into some of the new features..

Noiseless Pickups

One of the most premium upgrades found on the Player Plus Series is the addition of Noiseless Pickups.

These pickups deliver signature Fender tone without the hum that can sometimes plague traditional single-coils, meaning that they deliver a level of clarity that has previously been unavailable at this price point.

The volume knob on each of these instruments also features a built-in treble bleed circuit - and with expanded switching options across each guitar and bass, you’re granted a variety of tonal options that allow you to explore new sonic ground no matter what genre or style you’re playing.

So whilst the Player Series has been lauded over the past few years for its impeccable tones, the Player Plus range now offers even more - and without the associated hum that can sometimes ruin an otherwise great guitar!

All-New Finishes

The colour palette available across the Player Plus guitars and basses is truly a sight to behold.

With awesome gradient fades such as Silver Smoke, Belair Blue and Tequila Sunrise, the Player Plus guitars are immediately set apart from the original Player Series.

If you’re more of a traditionalist though, the fresh Cosmic Jade, Aged Candy Apple Red and Opal Spark colours remain true to Fender’s history whilst adding a touch of modern class.

Each instrument in the range is available in selected colours only - more on that later!

Fender Player Plus

Advanced Neck Shaping

Innovation across the neck of these guitars has resulted in a wonderfully enhanced playing experience - the modern “C”-shaped neck boasts a smooth satin finish back, 12” radius fingerboard, and rolled fingerboard edges.

The contours on the new neck shape are immediately comfortable, and are designed to offer the optimum playing experience for each and every musician.

The developments in this area give the Player Plus instruments a broken-in feeling straight from the box, whilst the 22 medium jumbo frets facilitate the most fluid of leads and bends that don’t choke no matter how hard you shred.

Premium Hardware

Another lovely addition to these guitars is the use of a wider, more modern nut. Measuring in at 1.685” (8 mm), it ensures your performances stay buzz-free and keeps everything stable where it matters most.

All-new locking short-post tuning machines are utilised too - they create an increased break-angle over the nut and improve tuning stability, as well as making restringing easier than ever.

Let’s discover a little more about each model, find out what finishes each instrument is available in, and what exactly makes them so special..

Player Plus Telecaster

Fender Player Plus Telecaster in Aged Candy Apple Red

Shown here in Aged Candy Apple Red, the Telecaster is also available in 3-Colour Sunburst, Cosmic Jade, and Silver Smoke finishes.

As with any Telecaster, this model is rugged and versatile - a true workhorse that will stand up to the challenges of any recording session or live gig.

The coolest feature is the Series Mode. A Push-Pull on the Tone knob bypasses the pickup selector switch and activates both pickups in series, offering a completely different tone than that of Position 2.

This extra-fat tone increases your output and gives a sound that wouldn’t normally be found on a Telecaster.

Player Plus Nashville Telecaster

Fender Player Plus Nashville Telecaster in 3-Colour Sunburst

The Nashville Tele was a staple of the Deluxe Series, and this updated version is the perfect companion for those who want to achieve both Strat and Telecaster sounds without lugging around two guitars.

This awesome axe provides 7 completely distinctive voices thanks to the 5-position pickup selector and the addition of another Push-Pull Tone control.

This time, the Push-Pull control is used to engage the Neck pickup in Positions 1 & 2, giving you a tonal versatility that is hard to match.

The Nashville Tele is available in 3-Colour Sunburst (pictured), Opal Spark, Butterscotch Blonde, and Aged Candy Apple Red.

Player Plus Stratocaster

Fender Player Plus Stratocaster in Tequila Sunrise

The Player Plus Series has offered up a duo of Stratocaster options, and this one is for those chasing the most iconic of Fender tones.

Available in some exciting new colours such as Tequila Sunrise (pictured) and Opal Spark, you can also find this guitar in the more traditional 3-Color Sunburst, Olympic Pearl, or Aged Candy Apple Red finish.

The Push-Pull knob on this model offers the same feature as on the Nashville Tele - by adding the Neck pickup to Positions 1 & 2 on the Strat you can unlock some extra sounds that other Stratocasters just can’t do.

Player Plus HSS Stratocaster

Fender Player Plus HSS Stratocaster in Belair Blue

Pictured here in the jaw-dropping Belair Blue finish, the HSS Strat is perfect for those who want to mix classic Strat tones with the heaviness and warmth of a humbucker.

The best part about this model is the coil-splitting feature - so if you ever need to revert back to the classic Strat bridge sound, you can simply activate the Push-Pull Tone knob and hear your humbucker magically transform into a split single-coil.

This model is also available in Cosmic Jade, Silverburst, and 3-Colour Sunburst.

Player Plus Precision Bass

Fender Player Plus Precision Bass in Silver Smoke

Not forgetting about the awesome bass models available from the Player Plus range, here we have the P-Bass in a Silver Smoke finish.

Each bass in this range offers both active and passive circuitry, giving you a range of sounds that will set you apart from other musicians.

By engaging the 18V powered preamp you gain access to a 3-band EQ that brings a level of precision and flexibility not normally found at this price point. To switch from active to passive mode, simply flick via the mini-toggle switch which lives in between the EQ controls.

The Precision Bass also has a P/J configuration, so you have yet another option and can experience the best of each famous Fender bass tone.

The P-Bass is also available in 3-Colour Sunburst, Cosmic Jade, and Olympic Pearl.

Player Plus Jazz Bass and Jazz Bass V

Fender Player Plus Jazz Bass in Olympic Pearl

The Player Plus Jazz Bass and Jazz Bass V each offer a host of modern appointments such as improved Noiseless Pickups and the addition of a HiMass bridge.

By adding these simple updates, Fender has dragged these instruments firmly into the modern-era whilst retaining everything that has made them timeless and iconic.

Each of these bass guitars offers the musicians of 2021 and beyond a truly quality option for their low-end tones, and with the range of trendy new finishes available on these models they’re sure to turn heads for a variety of reasons.

Fender Player Plus Jazz Bass V in Opal Spark

We recommend the Player Plus Series to anybody who is ready to take their guitar playing to a new level - they’re ready-made for the musician who is prepared to stand out from the crowd with their tones and with their look.

They also work great as second instruments if you’ve already got a high-end guitar but need some extra versatility in your rig - and with the sheer number of modern innovations found on these guitars, they particularly suit those who love Fender stylings but seek an extra-layer of playability from their instrument.

Still not sure what Player Plus model is best for you? Need some extra help with the difference between Player Plus and Player Series guitars? Call us on 0151 448 2089 or check out your local store to speak to one of our Experts about your needs.