The free MPC Beats software package unlocks a world of potential when it comes to producing music. Here are our top 5 key features and a compatibility guide. 

If you're making music with any Akai controller, MIDI controller or MPC/MPD/MPK controller - you need to get hold of the MPC beats software.

This completely free software is based on the legendary MPC workflow and provides an easy acess into the world of beat making and music production. Playing a MIDI controller and creating fully fledged tracks just got so much easier.

In this blog we'll highlight 5 of our favourite features within the MPC Beats software. We'll show you what units are compatible and provide a quickstart guide too!

Let's get started.

Top 5 features of the MPC Beats Software

MPC Beats
MPC Beats Is A FREE Software Package For Producers

1. 2 Audio Tracks & 8 MIDI/Instrument Tracks

You can take control of these tracks by using an external audio interface and they are readily available to you on your PC or MAC as soon as you open up the MPC Beats software.

This is more than enough for first time and intermediate producers to create killer tracks with.

2. 80 effect plugins designed by Air

One of the key components of creating beats and music in general, is using effects plugins. Thankfully the team at Akai and MPC Beats have included 80 effect plugins designed by Air. These plugins allow you to take complete control over your sound and manipulate beats, samples and more whilst adding your own bespoke stylings via studio quality effects.

You also get a 2GB sound library and the ability to utilise MPC-style time-stretching - there's so much you can do!

3. Third Part VST Plugins

MPC beats can load third-party VST plugins, which makes it easy to integrate into your existing workflow and studio. In addtion, you can also use MPC Beats as a plugin itself.

You can combine MPC Beats with your existing DAW and take those 80 brand new plugins you've just accessed over to your existing workflow. You could even use PMC beats as a drum sequencer - the sky is the limit.

4. universal mapping to any controller

The MPC beats program can actually be mapped to any controller as well as MPC products. This means that you can add the free MPC Beats software to any workflow and take full advantage of everything it has to offer including the 16 Pads, Sample Editing capabilities and the VST/AU support.

Best of all, you're ready to create almost instantly. As soon as you open up the program, you can sample and use sound content, take control of effects and utilise all the virtual instruments which have been built in for your convenience.

5. It's free! 

Yep, you read that right - the MPC Beats software is FREE to download. This means you have access to all these incredible features and more without spending a penny.

Should you want more from the software, MPC beats can be expanded with the option to upgrade for an affordable price. But you don't NEED to pay for anything at all!

Which controllers are compatible with MPC Beats?

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