6 Best Ear Plugs For Concerts That Won’t Destroy The Vibe


If you love live shows and gigs then you should always carry a set of ear plugs for concerts. These are the best gig earplugs for music lovers that won’t ruin the gig

best ear plugs for gigs

If you’re the type of person, like most of us here at PMT, who likes going to live shows, you need a set of ear plugs for concerts.

You’re probably wondering “should I wear ear plugs for concerts?”

The answer is yes. Always yes.

In a nutshell, 80 decibels will cause permanent hearing damage. At music concerts, sound levels reach up to 120 dB and more so you’re risking hearing loss if you expose yourself to these levels over an extended period of time.

So, get some gig earplugs!

We get it though… you might be thinking “hang on I don’t want to use those rubbish, industrial foamy ear plugs at concerts as they tend to muffle the sound!”, but fear not, we’ve got a better option.

We’ve rounded up the best gig earplugs that use attenuators, or have been designed specifically for live music, so they only filter out the damaging frequencies. This ensures you still hear everything you need to and makes sure you reduce the chances of tinnitus and noise induced hearing loss.

Here they are in price descending order.

1. Alpine MusicSafe Pro Transparent Ear Plugs in Case

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Transparent Ear Plugs in Case

The Alpine MusicSafe Pro Transparent Ear Plugs in Case are the best ear plugs for gigs without breaking into the professional level, moulded options. At just over £20 they’re not going to break the bank, but the extra investment is totally worth it as they’ll help protect your hearing in the long run.

The key benefit here is the three different attenuation options. You can choose the amount of attenuation. This means you can drop the attenuation from 16dB to 19dB to 22dB depending on what type of gig you’re at.

These attenuators actually drop the volume, but also remove the damaging frequencies so you can still hear everything you need to – another reason why they’re the best musicians earplugs too!

You also get a storage case to attach to your keys, a neck cord so you don’t drop them and a bottle of earplug cleaner to keep them in good condition.

Also available in Black HERE 

2. Blackstar ACS High Fidelity Earplugs

Blackstar ACS High Fidelity Earplugs

If you want a far more discreet fit and a spare set of earplugs in case you lose them, then the Blackstar ACS High Fidelity Earplugs are a great option. These are some of the best gig earplugs as they deliver up to 19dB of protection, but retain the clarity of sound you need, making them ideal for guitar gigs.

You have two sets of earplugs, a set of filters, neck cord and carry case which is everything you need to help protect yourself against noise induced hearing loss.

Again, the don’t cost much, so for the sake of £20 you are protecting yourself and ensuring you can enjoy gigs for many years to come.

3. Alpine Musicsafe Classic Ear Plugs

Alpine Musicsafe Classic Ear Plugs

If you don’t need all three attenuators, but still want the option of reducing the volume without losing the “feel” of the gig, then the Alpine Musicsafe Classic Ear Plugs are the next best option.

You get a handy carry case that attaches to your keys, two sets of attenuators which offer a 22dB or 19dB reduction in sound. Again, you have the great design which allows the gig earplugs to sit in your ear comfortably and ensures they don’t fall out when you rock out.

High level protection, great accessories and comfortable fitting – these are some of the best ear plugs for concerts money can buy whether for yourself or as a gift for the music fan or musician.

4. Alpine Earmuffs For Drummers

Alpine Earmuffs For Drummers

We’d predominantly recommend these Alpine Earmuffs For Drummers for well, drummers of course, but they make our best ear plugs for gigs list as they also offer a different option for those who don’t want to stick plugs inside their ears!

These Alpine earmuffs sit over the ear, which some people find more comfortable, and are far safer for children as they can’t be forced down an ear hole!

Again, these are the best ear protection for children at gigs as they offer 25dB of sound reduction, are comfortable to wear and have a very soft headband that won’t cause a headache. They’re also really sturdy so if you drop them at a gig or festival, you’re not going to break them.

If you need ear muffs for children at gigs, or you just prefer over ear protection whilst watching a live show, go for these.

5. Alpine Limited Edition Party Plug EarPlugs, White

Alpine Limited Edition Party Plug EarPlugs

If you don’t want all the bells and whistles like accessories and different attenuation, but you still want high protection, then we recommend the Alpine Limited Edition Party Plug EarPlugs, White.

At £12 you get a set of high quality, comfortable ear plugs that reduces the sound up to 25dB so conversations and most importantly, the gig can still be heard.

These are non-silicone concert earplugs, which is perfect for those who have silicone allergies, they are reusable and you still get a handy carry case.

We think these are probably the best earplugs for electronic or heavy metal music gigs as they are super comfortable thanks to the Alpine Thermo Shape material and the fact they reduce the volume without killing the “vibe”.

No fuss, super useful and really comfortable. What more do you want from gig ear plugs?

6. Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs for Children

Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs for Children

If you have little ones who like coming to gigs or festivals with you and they’re totally cool with having ear plugs in, then the Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs for Children are ideal. These are the best ear plugs for gigs designed for children as they offer up to 30dB of attenuation.

This hefty attenuation means your child’s hearing is protected, but they can still hear ambient noise, like talking and of course the music they’re listening to in a live scenario!

You also get some fun stickers and a handy carry case – a great way to get kids involved in protecting their hearing.

As a bonus, these gig earplugs also help prevent water getting into the ears, which is ideal if you’re at a festival abroad, where swimming might be part of the fun!

Shop a full range of ear plugs for concerts over at PMT Online today, or if you’re a musician looking for the best set of musician’s earplugs around, check out our handy blog below and call in to your local PMT store to pick up a set. Your ears will thank you for it!

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