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It’s not just drums that take a pounding – your ears do too, so you need the right ear protection! Here are our top 6 best musicians earplugs that will help reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss

best musicians earplugs

That ringing in your ears after every gig you go to, every rehearsal or every loud jam session you are part of is your ears trying to tell you that you’re causing damage to your hearing. The ringing, known as tinnitus is actually the sound of you losing some of your hearing…permanently. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Fear not, there’s a way to combat it with musicians earplugs.

As musicians, we don’t mind forking out for strings, sticks etc. and always remember to keep our gear maintained, but we often forget how important it is to look after our hearing. Ear protection for musicians is now not only extremely budget friendly, but can also dramatically reduce the risk of noise induced hearing loss - all for less than your average gig ticket.

Fortunately, the best musicians earplugs available today allow you to hear all the music and important sounds, whilst filtering out the harmful frequencies that cause tinnitus and hearing loss. So today, we’re looking at the best musicians earplugs and ear protection and the sets of reusable earplugs that can seriously reduce the risk of you losing your hearing or developing permanent tinnitus whilst ensuring the “vibe” of the music you’re enjoying or playing is maintained.

Here’s our top picks.

1. Alpine Limited Edition Party Plug EarPlugs

Alpine Limited Edition Party Plug EarPlugs

The Alpine Limited Edition Party Plug EarPlugs are the ideal choice for those who enjoy going to gigs, clubs or those parties that tend to get quite loud! That ringing in your ears that can sometimes occur after a night out on the town can be really annoying the morning after. So, the team at Alpine have crafted a set of discrete reusable earplugs that drop the decibel level by a whopping 25dB and brings the noise back down to a safer level.

These have been designed to allow the wearer to be able to hear the music in the club/pub as well as the conversation making them ideal for bartenders too! If you’re casual musician – you don’t play a lot of gigs, or you just like going to shows, they’re a great option as they’re also some of the best musicians earplugs thanks to the hardwearing construction and reduction in sound that doesn’t filter out the best parts of your music.

2. Alpine MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs with Case

As musicians, a huge part of what we do is listening to the vibe of the song. The Alpine MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs are some of the most popular earplugs in the market today thanks to the fact that they not only dramatically reduce the decibel level of whatever you’re listening to but filter out all the damaging frequencies whilst letting everything else through – effectively allowing you to hear everything clearer whilst remaining safe. They’re ideal for professionals.

The cool thing about these Alpine MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs is that you get three interchangeable attenuators which allow you to reduce the volume to your liking. They’re extremely comfortable, easy to use (you just pop them in your ears) and the handy carry case allows you to attach them to your keys or backpack etc so you’re never without hearing protection. These are easily some of the best musicians earplugs on the market today and are widely used by professional and amateur musicians and DJs thanks to the budget friendly price tag and superior sound filtering that allows you to hear what’s going on. These are easily a contender for the best earplugs for gigs, whether you're just watching or actively playing.

3. Alpine MusicSafe Pro Transparent Ear Plugs in Case

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Transparent Ear Plugs in Case

If you're a professional touring musician, you need professional quality earplugs to protect your hearing. We love the Alpine MusicSafe Pro Transparent Ear Plugs as they offer incredible protection and up to 22 dB reduction in noise straight away if you use the maximum filter.

This helps make that onstage sound more manageable and reducing the risk of noise induced hearing loss. The heavy-duty case is really handy as it stops you from losing your earplugs as you can store them safely when you're not using them. The chances of them falling out of your ear are extremely slim due to the fact they have a ribbed design to hold them in place within your ear. They also come with 3 different types of attenuation and a cleaning solution to keep them fresh. A great set of earplugs for gigs that you can keep reusing - just make sure to give them a clean every now and then!

4. Alpine Earmuffs For Drummers

Alpine Earmuffs For Drummers

Drummers are at an increased risk of developing noise induced hearing loss due to the fact you can’t just walk away from the speakers and amps like guitarists or singer can – you’re stuck where you are surrounded by snares, cymbals and loud toms. So, it makes sense the team at Alpine have developed some of the best musicians muffs for drummers (and other musicians too).

Whilst we’re on the subject of ear protection for the drummers and percussionists out there, we have to talk about the Alpine Earmuffs For Drummers. Specifically designed to muffle 25 dB of the sound, these are a great option for drummers when rehearsing and for live/studio use when you have in ear monitors for a click track as they’ll provide great isolation when you use these at the same time. The soft fabric headband also ensures you’re comfortable well into the 2-hour gigs or recording sessions. In addition, they’re also great for putting over kids ears at festivals to drop the volume back down to safer levels.

5. Blackstar ACS High Fidelity Earplugs

Blackstar ACS High Fidelity Earplugs

With the Blackstar ACS High Fidelity Earplugs you are able to tune out all those harsh and damaging frequencies and enjoy a sound drop up to 19dB of protection, all whilst retaining the clarity of the music you’re listening to. Thanks to the fact you get two sets of earplugs, a set of filters, a carry case and a neck cord all for a completely budget friendly price, these makes our best musicians ear plugs list with ease!

A great set of reusable musicians earplugs that won’t let you down, will retain the clarity of your music and will stay put when you insert them in your ears. If you’re a musician that gigs frequently or you attend gigs, DJ nights or clubs on a regular basis these are a great choice.

6. ProGuard Custom Fit Musicians and DJs Earplugs

ProGuard Custom Fit Musicians and DJs Earplugs

If you’ve just had that sweet tour support from your label come through, investing in a set of custom musicians earplugs should be on your list of priorities. If you want superior isolation and a custom fit, the ProGuard Custom Fit Musicians and DJs Earplugs are some of the best musicians earplugs in the world and are used by professionals in need of a custom option that will keep your hearing safe.

These fit deeper into your ear canal providing a discrete, comfortable option that won’t annoy you or become uncomfortable after those long jam sessions or gigs. The key thing with these musicians earplugs is that you are investing in a full service product. You basically pay for the package and then the team at ProGuard arrange for you to meet an audiologist in one of many convenient locations near you and take custom moulds of your ears, ensuring that your reusable earplugs are moulded exactly to your ear canal. The whole fitting process takes about 15 minutes where an audiologist will inspect your ear and take a silicon mould. Then the mould will be sent away for construction with the finished product landing on your doorstep within 14 days. Easy!

If you’re a pro musician, these are the best musicians earplugs around and the perfect earplugs for gigs!

Bonus tip: Best earplugs for children - Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs for Children

Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs for Children

Festivals can be fantastic places for families and many kids love going to see bands and live music. However, you need to keep your little rock n roller safe! Children have extremely sensitive hearing and any early hearing loss could affect them later in life, so it’s a great idea to keep a set of earplugs for your child handy should you want to take them to their first Foo Fighters gig or Glastonbury!

The Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs for Children have been designed especially for kids between three and twelve years of age, reducing all the harmful frequencies whilst allowing them to hear what’s going on. In addition, they also act as a barrier for water too! Ideal for swimming!

Shop a full range of musicians ear plugs over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT store for more information on the best sets of headphones, ear protection and reusable ear plugs available.

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updated 2019-10-08

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