So you're in the market for a new audio interface? But you're not sure what is best for you? Maybe we can shed some light with 5 Reasons Why You Need a PreSonus Audio Interface.

Who are PreSonus?

What was once a vision of providing affordable studio-quality gear, has now turned into an enterprise of delivering reliable pro-audio products worldwide. Home to the roots of jazz and blues, PreSonus HQ was established in 1995 in the heart of Louisiana, USA. As active gigging musicians, the PreSonus family are certainly no strangers to immersing themselves into their local music scene, which holds such heritage. Team PreSonus live and breathe music, they work on the front-line to manufacture and test out new exciting design concepts for you. PreSonus is one of the fastest-growing pro-audio companies in the world. They are here to create and support excellent audio products at an affordable price. Furthermore, their respect for the environment is reflected by their green initiative, they sustain clean and green operations and manufacturing on all of their products.  

Which Presonus Audio Interface is Best for Me?

We’ve got you covered. Whether you are a beginner or pro, PreSonus has an exceptional range of affordable products to suit both and all in between. So, we have put together 5 reasons why you need a PreSonus interface to better your studio experience. In summary, here are our expert's top picks for the best PreSonus audio interfaces.
  • Audiobox 96
  • i-Series
  • Studio Series 26c USB-C
  • Studio 192
  • Quantum Thunderbolt

1. Best for Beginners - PreSonus Audiobox 96 - £72

For bedroom use or on the go, the PreSonus Audiobox 96 continues the industry-standard desktop interface. Now easier than ever to use, the interface holds the basic elements that are essential in pro-audio recording. Perfect for aspiring musicians, producers and podcasters. For just over £70 you can simultaneously record from two channels. These channels come with combo inputs that gives you the option to record either by XLR and 1/4" jack.

2. The Beginners Upgrade - PreSonus i-Series – £114

The PreSonus Audiobox i-Series is the enhanced, budget-friendly range of audio interfaces. Compatible with Mobile/iPad recording, this super-compact interface eliminates the restriction of in-house recording. The Audiobox i-Series has been one of the most hyped about interfaces for singer/songwriters and home producers that seek further clarity in their projects.

3. Ideal for the Intermediate - PreSonus Studio Series 26c USB-C £177

Now we were turning things up a gear. The Studio Series 26c USB-C contains features perfectly suited for DJ’s, producers and avid studio users. Fit with 2-in, 4-out connections - mic, line and instrument inputs, DC-coupled line outputs, as well as MIDI I/O for even more connectivity. If you are looking to take the next step up from budget-friendly interfaces, this is the one for you. 4. Perfect for the Pros - PreSonus Studio 192£440 Now you don't need to be working in a professional studio to be worthy of this. However, you would be taking home the extraordinary sonic fidelity it possesses. The PreSonus Studio 192 has built-in zero latency, on-board mixing and remote iPad control. Now enabling exceptional results in professional studio recording. You'll instantly hear the leap in quality that the Studio 192 makes.

5. The Ultimate Interface Unit - PreSonus Quantum Thunderbolt£977

  This is the essential audio interface you need to contribute and complete your outboard rack. Designed for speed, the PreSonus Quantum Thunderbolt offers industry-standard audio capabilities. It provides 26 inputs and 32 outputs with super-low latency. Additionally, it has the ability to monitor CHN’s direct from the software with plug-ins. It truly is the ultimate unit for flawless studio productions.  

How Good Is the Quality?

In terms of sound quality, all PreSonus audio interfaces have Class-A Xmax Mic preamps that a give a clean low noise signal and great headroom. The Class-A Xmax is a great-sounding analogue circuit providing low noise, wide dynamic range and extended frequency response, allowing you to make your projects sound that little bit crisper. With this technology, PreSonus now stand taller than ever before in the pro-audio world. The build of the interfaces is constructed with compact metal cases to withstand both studio and portable use. All control knobs are equality connected with solidarity. Above all, the interfaces now feature DC-coupled outputs, which enable audio and control voltage messages to be sent from the device. This extends your instrument use to vintage synths and modular synth setups from the DAW.

What Else Do You Get?

PreSonus will provide a FREE Studio One software license with all interfaces. Studio One is arguably one of the most powerful DAWs on he market with loads of production and mastering tools, helping you to unlock exciting new sounds in your projects. Furthermore, all interfaces are compatible with industry-leading audio software packages, which can be found on Mac and Windows. But wait, we’re not done! You also get Studio Magic Plug-Ins suite, given you even more creative tools for your projects. Visit PMT Online for more information about PreSonus Audio Interfaces, or call in to your local PMT store to speak to our experts - we'll help you find the perfect audio interface for your needs. Prices correct as of 2019-09-17