The all new and improved Eastcoast Guitars prove that budget friendly electric guitars can still feel and play like professional options.

Here’s why you need to check the new range of Eastcoast guitars out, and why we think they’re some of the best ‘cheap’ electric guitars that don’t suck.

The new range of Eastcoast Guitars, inspired by some of the most iconic guitar designs in the music world, have absolutely blown us away here at PMT as the brand has completely improved the series, proving that you can get a selection of cheap electric guitars that will stand up to years of hard touring.

This all-new line up completely changed the face of the brand, as their team of luthiers introduced far greater quality assurance processes, superior tonewoods and higher quality electrics that set the guitars apart from any earlier guitars you may have seen.

You may be familiar with the Eastcoast name; however, this is not the brand of years ago but a fresh-faced creator of high-quality guitars that won’t break the bank. They also make great gifts and offer beginner guitarists an amazing foundation to begin their musical journey – best of all, they won’t need to upgrade for many years! And remember, as always here at PMT; when we say cheap, we just mean budget-friendly!

Let’s look at the new range of Eastcoast Guitars In Stock at PMT

The New Eastcoast GT100 Guitars

Eastcoast GT100 Guitar

The Eastcoast GT100 Guitar takes inspiration from the T style guitars that we’re all familiar with, yet adds a fresh new body design that looks quirky without becoming too jarring.

There are two single-coil pickups installed which makes the guitar an ideal option for blues, country and indie style playing. There's also a 3-way pickup selector so you can have one or both pickups selected at any time. We recommend playing this through a slightly overdriven amp to really hear the lush sonic qualities of these pickups.

The Eastcoast Guitars GT100 models have been built with a bolt-on maple neck which provides a snappier, brighter sound as well as a poplar body for the resonance and depth you need to ensure your notes are heard through the mix.

There’s also a lovely ‘ashtray’ style bridge, which is a vintage-inspired piece of design that fans of the T style guitars will appreciate. A fantastic guitar for beginners who love their Blues, Country and Indie.

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The New Eastcoast GS100 Guitars

 Eastcoast GS100

Inspired by another very famous electric guitar, the Eastcoast GS100 is a highlight from the Eastcoast guitars range offering the choice of either 3 x lush single coils, or SSH combo with 2 x single coils and 1 x humbucker. Don’t be afraid to throw some distortion at them as they’re more than capable of handling it, too! At just £99 you get a massive sounding, high performance guitar and a choice of great colours.

Again, you have a lightweight poplar body which reduces the weight on your shoulder when you’re stood up playing. This tonewood delivers a great sound that players of all levels will appreciate – your solos will sing and your chords will really ring out. The bolt-on neck is made from maple and is finished off nicely with a Purpleheart fingerboard making it comfortable to play – ideal for beginner players.

If you want a more ‘Rock’ sound, we recommend the GS100H guitars as they feature a humbucker, which is ideally suited to the heavier, thicker sounds.

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The New Eastcoast GS10 Guitars

The New Eastcoast GS10 Guitars

This double-cutaway, horned instrument will certainly help you on your ‘Highway To Hell’. Obviously, it’s based on a very famous guitar shape, but priced at a fraction of the cost! You have two humbuckers at your disposal as well as a 3-way pickup selector that allows you to isolate or blend the two pickups making for a seriously raucous sound. There are also dedicated tone and volume knobs for each pickup so you have total control over your sound – which is ideal if you need to tame the beast on stage!

The Poplar body ensures a balanced tone, the Okoume set-neck construction ensures your guitar is resonant and a Purpleheart fingerboard finishes off the guitar nicely. These tonewoods are found regularly throughout the Eastcoast guitars range and hold exceptional tonal qualities that players of all levels will appreciate.

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The New Eastcoast GJ20 Guitars

 Eastcoast GJ20 guitars

The Eastcoast GJ20 guitars are perfect for the jazz and blues players out there looking for an affordable hollowbody electric guitar that doesn’t cost a fortune. You have two humbuckers built in to a maple body, so you get a very balanced sound as the humbuckers offer up the thickness you need whilst the maple body ensures you’ve got plenty of high-end snap. The set Okoume neck adds the resonance and response you need and is very comfortable to play. One of the best guitars for beginners who want a very versatile guitar on a budget.

The New Eastcoast GL20, GL120 & GL130 Guitars

 Eastcoast GL series

The new Eastcoast GL series includes a range of single-cutaway guitars that everyone from beginner to experienced guitarists will enjoy. Whether you’re into Blues, Country or Hard Rock, these can handle it all thanks to the two powerful humbuckers and superb tonewoods.

The Eastcoast GL series comprises of three different versions, the GL20, GL120 & GL130. We love the Eastcoast GL20 Electric Guitar in Cherry Sunburst as it looks incredible, is made with a poplar body with maple top for added clarity and features a beautiful bolt-on neck that really encourages a more resonant tone.

The Eastcoast GL120 guitars utilise a flamed maple top, whilst the GL130 feature quilted maple tops with Okoume body and neck. The Okoume bodies on both these guitars provide a sound akin to the likes of mahogany and the set necks really make your guitars sing.

View all Eastcoast GL Series guitars including bundles here.

Eastcoast DT230 Electric Guitar

Eastcoast GS500 HSS Electric Guitar, BlueBurst

If you’re a fan of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock or you’ve got a future guitar virtuoso on your hands and you want to start them on the path to greatness the Eastcoast GS500 Guitars are a great starting point.

You may think these are a little similar to the GS100 models, but there are a few key differences. These guitars are designed for the more ‘metal’ guitarists out there with darker finishes, black pickups and sleeker look, overall .

The bodies are made from Okoume which again sound similar to mahogany, a two-point tremolo has been installed so you can wail on the whammy bar with ease and the bolt-on maple neck ensures you’ve got the snap and treble you need for those massive sweeping solos! Whether you’re just starting out in the world of guitar or you’re an experienced player who needs something for tour or around the home to jam on, this is a great option and a highlight from the Eastcoast guitars range.

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The New Eastcoast GV320 Guitars

Speaking of metal and hard rock, one of the highlights from the new Eastcoast guitars range is the Eastcoast GV320. These instruments have been designed for the hard rockers out there and come packed with powerful humbuckers installed into a solid Okoume body. The strings-thru body construction with a fixed bridge is a great feature found on many high-end guitars. A 3-way toggle switch allows you to isolate or blend the two pickups whilst the single Tone and Volume controls allow you to sculpt your sound quickly. The maple neck is smooth to play – perfect for when you’re flying up and down the neck in the midst of a solo.

If you want a cheap heavy metal guitar that doesn’t suck – this is a fantastic option.

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The New Eastcoast GP200 Electric Bass Guitars

Eastcoast GP200 Electric Bass guitars

Finally, we have the new range of Eastcoast GP200 Electric Bass guitars. These Eastcoast Bass Guitars are a great option if you’re fan of both Jazz and ‘P’ style bass guitars as they come loaded with both Split Coil and Single Coil "PJ" pickups for a variety of different tones. You also have 2 x volume pots and 1 x tone pot so you can effectively blend the pickups or completely cut one out depending on the sound you’re after. If you’re just starting out on your bass journey, this is perfect, or if you need something around the home for recording or as a backup you can’t go wrong.

Eastcoast GB200-N Bass Guitar

Eastcoast GB200-N Bass Guitar

If you need a high quality yet budget-friendly bass guitar, the versatile Eastcoast GB200-N Bass Guitar is ideal. If you’ve only just learned how to play, you’re in the process of learning or you need a new bass guitar to add to your collection without breaking the bank, this is a great option modelled on one of the most iconic Jazz style bass guitars.

Straight out of the box you have two single-coil Alnico pickups at your disposal which are articulate and deep as well as 2 x volume and 1 x tone knob to blend your sound. This bass also includes high-quality tonewoods with an Ash body and maple neck for superb tonality. At just over £200 you’re getting a workhorse of a guitar!

Eastcoast GTB005-N 4-String Bass Guitar

The all-new Eastcoast GTB005-N 4-String Bass Guitar pictured here in natural is a beautifully crafted bass guitar for players more inclined towards Jazz or Metal. The 2 x humbucking pickups offer a deep bass resonance and massive amount of growl, especially when you throw some distortion at it. The Okoume/Maple/Amaranth Top looks amazing and the 2 x separate pickups volume controls come in handy when you want to blend your sound. However, the master volume and 2 x tone controls give you complete control overall.

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