Eastcoast Guitars offers a diverse range of high-quality instruments designed for musicians of all levels. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Eastcoast guitars deliver exceptional playability and impressive sound.

From electric and acoustic guitars to basses and ukuleles, their collection caters to various musical styles and preferences. With affordable prices and reliable performance, Eastcoast Guitars provides an excellent option for beginners and seasoned players alike. Explore the extensive lineup of Eastcoast instruments and unlock your musical potential with their reliable and accessible guitars.

Pay Less, Play More

The philosophy of Eastcoast is simple - affordable guitars for any budget that don't compromise on quality, reliability or comfort.

Eastcoast guitars offer exceptional value for money and uncompromising performance at a budget-friendly price tag. Their range of affordable Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bassesand other instruments have been designed to offer new musicians rugged tools that will last a lifetime.


Eastcoast Electric Guitars are high-quality affordable instruments that are great for new starters as well as ideal backup options for touring professionals.


These affordable Eastcoast acoustic guitars come with the playability, performance and lifespan that far outweighs their modest price tag. Recommended by PMT.


Eastcoast Electric Bass Guitars are ideal for beginners and experienced musicians, with a wide range of affordable 4 and 5-string options for the modern bassist.


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  • What type of products do Eastcoast produce?

    Eastcoast produce affordable quality Guitars, Basses, and Amps.
  • Is Eastcoast a good entry-level instrument?

    Absolutely. Eastcoast products have all the spec without the cost.