Time to tickle some ivories! Here at PMT Online - and at our PMT Stores - you can find a wide range of Yamaha Digital Pianos. But which one is the right choice of piano keyboard for your home?

Yamaha digital pianos

As we've previously mentioned on our Digital Pianos & Keyboards Buying Guide, the days of bulky, heavy acoustic pianos are pretty much over - sorry, Beethoven!

Today, it's much more convenient to get yourself a digital piano keyboard which can deliver the same sound, with a realistic feel, but in a more compact and lighter package. If years ago choosing a digital piano over the "real deal" represented a compromise, now this is far from the truth - the quality of digital pianos by brands such as Yamaha is simply outstanding, and in fact they offer much more than traditional pianos ever could.

[caption id="attachment_22191" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Yamaha digital pianos Time to take a Yamaha Digital Piano home?[/caption]

Whether you're just a beginner or an experienced player, there's always a digital piano that's just  right for you and your home. Here's a quick look at some of the best ones that you can buy from PMT:

Yamaha NP12

The market for home keyboards has changed somewhat over the past few years. In the 80's and 90's, portable home keyboards (such as the popular Casio keyboards) were the first port of call when families were looking for a cheap, beginner piano keyboard for their homes. Today, however, most people prefer keyboards with a more realistic feel, less (but better) sounds, and a stylish look - the affordable Yamaha NP12 is a perfect example of the best you can get for not a lot of money:

[caption id="attachment_26557" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Yamaha NP12 Yamaha NP12 digital piano[/caption]

At first sight, the Yamaha NP12 is really extraordinary. It looks very slick and, for untrained ears, sounds as good as digital pianos twice the price - or even more expensive than that! In other words, the NP12 is a beautiful digital piano that's also fantastic value-for-money. It doesn't have the array of sounds those Casio keyboards (or indeed the Yamaha PSR models) have, but that's not a problem to most people - what they really want is a great-sounding digital piano, that also looks great in their homes. And for the price, the Yamaha NP12 is hard to beat!

BEST FOR: Beginners playing at home. This would make a superb first piano / keyboard for anyone,

Yamaha P45

Yamaha Portable Pianos are compact and lightweight, which makes them ideal companions for a life on the road, or, back at home! The Yamaha Portable Pianos have a slim design and take up minimal space. They will look great in any room, especially with its optional matching stand. [caption id="attachment_22175" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Yamaha P45 Yamaha P45 home piano[/caption] Compact and very affordable, the Yamaha P45 is a full-size, 88-keys digital piano that offers ridiculous value-for-money! This model is perfect for beginners playing at home but, due to its simplicity and lightweight design, is perfect as an affordable stage piano to take on the road, too! View More

BEST FOR: Beginners; anyone looking for a great-quality home piano that's inexpensive; budget recording/stage piano with realistic sound & feel.

Yamaha P115

Similar to the P45 in terms of size and design, the Yamaha P115 is more suitable for use in live performance & recording as it features extra AUX stereo output. For the extra money you'll also get more features and an even more realistic sound.

Yamaha P115

At the heart of the P-115 is Yamaha's "Pure CF Sound Engine", which has never before been included in a P Series Piano. The Pure CF Sound Engine was professionally recorded from the world renowned CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano, which gives you an idea of how good this piano sounds.

The P-115 features both Pianist styles and Yamaha Rhythm functionality. Pianist Styles transforms your standard chords into full blown piano accompaniment. There are 10 styles in the box, providing variety and flexibility on the go. The Rhythm function provides useable drum patterns and backing and can also be used as a great alternative to a standard metronome. You can even record songs on the P-115 to track your progress and review your playing. View more

BEST FOR: Covers pretty much the same ground as the P45, but with more features and even better sound.

Yamaha Digital Piano Comparison Chart: NP12 vs. P45 vs. P115

Still not sure which one to choose? Then check our Yamaha digital pianos comparison chart!
NP-12 P-45 P-115
Price: £178* £383* £554*
Keys: 61 88 88
Key Type: Piano-Style Graded Hammer Action Graded Hammer Action
Piano Sound: AWM Stereo Sampling AMW Stereo Sampling Pure CF Sound Engine
Note Polyphony: 64 64 192
Presets: 10 10 14
Effects: Reverb x 4 Reverb x 4 Reverb, Intelligent Acoustic Control, Damper Resonance, Sound Boost
Connections: USB, Headphones, Pedal USB, Headphones, Pedal USB, 2 x Headphones, Pedal, Aux Out
Functions: Dual/Layers, Metronome Dual/Layers, Duo, Metronome Dual/Layers, Split, Duo, Metronome
Songs: 10 Voice Demo Songs + 10 Piano Preset Songs - 14 demo songs and 50 piano songs. 14 Rhythms, 10 Pianist Styles
Built-In Speakers: 2 x 12cm - 5w Total 2 x 12cm - 12w Total 2 x 12cm, 2 x 4cm - 14w Total
Power Supply AC Adaptor or 6 x AA Batteries AC Adaptor AC Adaptor
Accessories: Music Rest, Power Supply Music Rest, Footswitch Pedal Music Rest, Footswitch Pedal

*prices subject to change.


For beginners, all three keyboards provide a great deal of functionality for their price. For those that want portability, the battery power of the NP12 is a great option, albeit with a slightly smaller, 61-note keybed.

The P-45 ramps things up and offers a more authentic, Hammer-Action keybed for a realistic piano response. The P-45 also features straightforward 1-button interface - uncluttered and easy to use.

The P-115 is one for a more seasoned player or tutor - The CF Sound Engine and Intelligent Acoustic Control provide a more nuanced piano sound and give you more control for recording or live stage use. Also, the P115 features a host of demo songs and rhythm tracks for practicing technique and writing songs.

[caption id="attachment_22188" align="aligncenter" width="648"]Yamaha Portable Piano Take your portable Yamaha digital piano... anywhere![/caption]

Yamaha Digital Pianos for sale

Yamaha YDP Arius Series (YDP-143, YDP-163, and others)

If you don't need a portable keyboard, and want something a bit more upmarket, with that vintage, upright piano feel, then the Yamaha YDP series is the one for you. These digital pianos provide authentic sound and natural touch in advanced, yet affordable models that have a more "classic" look, a bit closer to traditional, acoustic upright pianos. These are superb digital pianos for both beginners and experienced players, at an affordable price. There are a few Yamaha YDP digital pianos, in a wide range of different finishes and with slightly different features, but all really great. [caption id="attachment_22178" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Yamaha YDP 163 The new Yamaha YDP 163[/caption] The ARIUS/YDP series provide true piano sound and feel, perfect for students and experienced players alike. Features include Graded Hammer actions are a true joy to play, both in practice and in performance. AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling voices deliver remarkably authentic sound. Dual voice capability lets you play two different instrument sounds at the same time, while a song recorder allows you to capture your original musical ideas and performances. Both the Yamaha YDP-143 and YDP-163 pianos are pretty similar, with main difference being that the YDP-163 is much louder: whereas the 143 model has two 6W speakers, the YDP-163 has two at 20-watt each! This is plenty of power for performance in larger rooms, making the YDP-163 a perfect professional alternative to acoustic upright pianos, and the YDP-143 is great if you want a classic-looking piano at home, without compromising  in quality.

BEST FOR: Affordable alternative to upright acoustic pianos, retaining a classic look, but with a more compact size. Perfect for beginners or for anyone who wants a stylish  piano at home.

Yamaha YDP Digital pianos

Yamaha Clavinova Series

These are the best. The Yamaha Clavinova Series offers some really stupendous digital pianos that are as good as the best traditional acoustic pianos. They have the heart of a true grand, and you’ll hear and feel the difference from the very first notes. Outstanding sound from some of the finest grand pianos ever made, together with authentic touch and sensitive response, ensure that a Clavinova delivers expressive capabilities and a dynamic range that redefines the standard for digital pianos today. > BEST FOR: The pros. Live Performance. Alternative to Grand Pianos. Those who demand only the best.

Yamaha Clavinova series

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Yamaha digital pianos