Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MkII Classic
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Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MkII Classic Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MkII Classic Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MkII Classic Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MkII Classic

Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MkII Classic

Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MkII Classic - Next-Generation Valve Amplifier in a Special Edition Cream Tolex Coating Never one to rest o..

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Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MkII Classic - Next-Generation Valve Amplifier in a Special Edition Cream Tolex Coating

Never one to rest on their laurels, Blackstar invested more than 3 years of intensive R&D and market research to come up with the HT Venue MK II series. These next-generation valve amplifiers are as flexible and musician friendly as a guitarist could want, and are jam-packed with performance enhancing features.

In this case we have the Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MKII Classic - a fantastic 40 Watt valve amplifier, in a special edition cream tolex finish.

The Valve Amp Redefined

With its ground-breaking new clean channel, and richer, more responsive overdrives, the Blackstar HT-40 MKII Classic is a tone-hound's dream come true.

In addition to that, all modes are now footswitchable, there's a Power Reduction switch, USB connectivity for professional-grade recording, and a footswitchable boost on all channels.

About Those Cleans...

Blackstar's ground-breaking clean channel on the HT-40 MKII Classic comes complete with two voices, and offers players the very in tone-quality and versatility. These clean channels now include Bass, Treble and a Voice Switch for fine-tuning those clean tones.

Each voiced features properties for classic tube amplification circuits - one being of American origin, the other British.

With the American voice you get a bright and tight sound, with a solid bass response. However, with the British tone you get a highly responsive 'chime' with a looser bottom end, that can be pushed into midrange overdrive when driven hard.

More Responsive Overdrive

Like with the Clean channel, the HT-40 MKII Classic boasts two rich, full and responsive high gain Overdrive voices.

Despite being high in gain, these two voices manage to avoid any of the detached top-end 'fizz' found on other amps, and succeed in delivery a broad palette of overdriven tones.

Thanks to the unique preamp and power amp shaping techniques, these overdrives clean up nicely as the guitar volume is reduced. Not only that, but these Overdrive voices remain natural sounding even at their most extreme settings!

Extra Flexibility

To deliver the widest possible selection of stage accessible valve tones, Blackstar have made all modes on the HT-40 MKII Classic fully footswitchable.

With a supplied two-way footswitch enabling immediate access to each channel and voice selection, the versatility of this amp knows no bounds!

Switchable Power Circuit

As with all HT Venue MKII models, the HT-40 MKII Classic comes complete with a power reduction circuit. Because of this circuit you get reliable, transparent attentuation down to 10% of the amp's rated power - an impressive 4 Watts!

Unlike some other amplifiers with power reduction circuits though, the HT-40 MKII Classic enjoys the full tonal depth of the EL34 power stage at any volume level. Therefore you can use this amp for quiet home practice whilst enjoying the distinctive sound of power valves at their best.

USB Connectivity

Adding a USB connector to the HT-40 MKII Classic has allows you to send up to 4 channels of the guitar signal directly to your computer for home-recording purposes. Because of this, getting that valve tone onto your recordings has never been easier!

The HT-40 MKII Classic comes complete with two further outputs on the rear, a stereo jack socket, and a balanced XLR, opening up your Live and Studio session possibilities even further. As if that wasn't enough, these outputs also allow the speaker emulated signals to be connected to any external devices, perfect for rehearsal, recording, or stage performances.

Patented ISF Control

No Blackstar Amp would be complete without the company's patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control to add even more tonal versatility to the product, and the HT-40 MKII Classic is no different.

This control actually shifts the response of the three-control tone stack, therefore allowing you to adjust the amp's response from US at one end, to UK at the other. Most importantly though, in between these two extremes there is a near infinite number of alternative tone choice blends that would otherwise be unattainable.

On-Board Reverb

In addition to everything mentioned above, the HT-40 MKII Classic also features a naturally sounding digital reverb. This reverb is adjusted via the control knob on the front panel, and can even be switched off via the optional 5-way foot controller (not supplied).

There's also a switch on the amp's rear panel allowing you to select between "Dark" and "Light". Whilst in the Dark setting, your reverb is akin to a standard room reverb, but in Light it's closer to a classic plate reverb.

Order Yours Today

The compact and portable Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MKII Classic is available to order now at PMT Online for a fantastic price.

Blackstar Limited Edition HT-40 MkII Classic Highlights

  • Innovative 40 Watt valve combo
  • Limited edition Cream Tolex covering
  • 2 x ECC83 and 2 x EL34 valves
  • Two footswitchable channels
  • Four footswitchable voices
  • Boutique clean channel with expanded tone controls
  • High gain overdrive channel
  • Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
  • Power Reduction down to 10 percent of full Wattage
  • Master Volume
  • Digital Reverb with Dark/Light switch
  • Speaker Emulated output with 1x12/4x12 voicing
  • Effects loop with effects level switch
  • USB for recording
  • 1x12" Celestion speaker
  • Footcontroller included
  • Compact size for ultimate portability
  • Cool boutique styling


Weight (kg)15.0000
Effectshigh gain overdrive
USB ConnectionYes
Channels2 channels
Warranty2 years
Seriesht series
Woofer Size12" woofer
Power40 watts
Amp Typevalve / tube amplifier

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