Yamaha Clavinova CLP-685 Digital Piano in Black Walnut

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-685 Digital Piano in Black Walnut


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The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-685 digital piano, seen here in a great looking Black Walnut finish, is the flagship model of the Yamaha Clavinova range.

Black Walnut CLP-685 Digital Piano – The Flagship Clavinova

Yamaha’s CLP-685 features many upgrades over the other models in the Clavinova 600 series.

Additions such as counterweights in the keyboard, a vastly increased number of voices, more powerful amplifiers and spruce cone speakers, give you the best piano playing experience in the entire Clavinova 600 series family.

An expertly crafted home piano combines with incredible sampling technology to faithfully reproduce the feeling and sounds of two world-class grand pianos; the Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial – the Clavinova CLP-685 is simply inspiring.

GrandTouch Keyboard with Counterweights

The playing feel of a grand piano keyboard is characterised by its light feel when playing gently and a heavier feel when played stronger. This playing feel is a complete contrast to that found on a digital piano’s keyboard.

Yamaha made it their mission to recreate the exact key resistance that is unique to grand piano keyboards in order to bring their incredible digital pianos even closer to an authentic acoustic grand piano.

The result is the GrandTouch keyboard which gives the CLP-685 an incredibly responsive touch with a vastly increased dynamic range.

One of the many features that hold the CLP-685 above other digital pianos in this range is the addition of counterweights in the keys.

Each key in the CLP-685’s GrandTouch keyboard is fitted with counterweights ensuring they respond and return to their original position more naturally bringing the playing feeling even closer to an actual acoustic grand piano.

Among other benefits of this use of counterweights; if you’re used to playing a grand piano or perform exams or recitals on one, when you practice at home on your CLP-685 you will find the feel much closer.

Your technique at home on a CLP-685 can be virtually identical to how you perform on a grand piano so you will be better prepared.

When playing the Clavinova CLP-685 digital piano, you will enjoy the beautifully nuanced sound of playing softly and the bold, striking tones of playing with a stronger touch, just like a real acoustic grand piano.

Taking into account such details as the key mechanism and weight, as well as the key shape and friction that occurs as the keys travel, Yamaha have been able to deliver that changing feeling that reacts to your own performance.

Tactile feedback is provided to you from the moment you touch the keys until they reach the keybed, so you can feel the expression of your performance right there in your hands.

Your playing experience will also benefit from a mechanism that simulates the lifting of hammers on a grand piano. Recreating the feeling of escapement and the end of the key stroke, the GrandTouch emulates the release feeling of an actual escapement mechanism and the stopping feeling that follows it.

The GrandTouch keyboard used on the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-685 digital piano is simply inspiring and truly rivals that of an actual grand piano.

More Powerful Sound and Improved Speakers

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-685 comes equipped with a powerful 50W + 50W + 50W x 2 amplifier configuration which gives you incredible dynamic response while also allowing you to play to larger rooms.

Another great feature is that the speaker cones in the Clavinova CLP-685 are made from Spruce; the same material that is traditionally used for the soundboard on acoustic pianos. Using the same wood as used on their acoustic pianos, Yamaha have further eliminated the gap between a digital piano and acoustic grand piano.

Immersive, Realistic Sound – Even with Headphones

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-685 body design has been carefully calibrated ensuring speaker positioning and body materials are just so that the entire instrument will resonate optimally.

In order to create a sound image that mirrors that of a grand piano, the CLP-685 Clavinova features Tone Escapement in several locations throughout the body, allowing the sound from the powerful dual 16cm, 8cm and 2.5cm speakers (made with spruce cones) to be projected out from the instrument without being trapped within it.

Available on the Yamaha Clavinova for the first time is Yamaha’s advanced binaural sampling technology which uses recordings of the CFX, Yamaha’s flagship grand piano, which have been made using specialised microphones that capture locational information and subtle nuances in the sound.

You will find that the sound produced via this technology is so natural and immersive that you will not feel like you’re listening to it through headphones at all.

Another great feature you will enjoy when using headphones is the Stereophonic Optimiser that simulates the dispersal of sound as it is heard when sitting in front of an acoustic piano, giving you a comfortable and natural experience while playing, eliminating the drawbacks of performing with headphones.

Additional Sounds

You will also find a plethora of sounds in the CLP-685 that are not available from other models in the range such as the Yamaha C7 Grand Piano (the preferred instrument of artists Jamie Cullum and Alicia Keys).

An assortment of drum kit sounds are also built in, so when used in conjunction with the on-board 16-track recorder you can compose and record entire songs in a range of styles – all right there on your CLP-685.

Two Incredibly Recreated Concert Grand Pianos

Giving you the best of modern piano, the Yamaha CLP-685 Clavinova has an incredible recreation of Yamaha’s flagship 9-foot concert grand piano; the CFX.

Played by the winner of the prestigious International Chopin Competition in 2010, the Yamaha CFX has built a great reputation and is recognised by many as one of the greatest modern concert grand pianos.

Next, the Yamaha CLP-685 provides you with meticulously recreated tones of the Bosendorfer Imperial.

Founded in 1828, Bosendorfer is the only manufacturer in the world that still utilises the Viennese tradition of hand-crafted design. The result is known as the “Viennese Sound” and is characterised by its uniquely warm bass, singing treble and rich timbre.

Famed composers such as Brahms and Johann Strauss have had a huge influence on the development of the Bosendorfer piano and it is known as being the only piano capable of withstanding Franz Liszt’s frenetic playing.

To this day, Bosendorfer continues its rich tradition of painstakingly crafting their pianos. In 2008, Bosendorfer became part of the Yamaha Group and Yamaha have proudly reproduced these incredible, rich tones in the Clavinova CLP-685.

Bluetooth Connectivity, Song Recorder and USB Audio Recording

In addition to the great playability and sound, the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-685 has a host of features to deliver you the best possible experience from a home digital piano.

Bluetooth Connectivity is built-in, allowing you to stream music from your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. This is great for playing along to music or for just enjoying some of your favourite songs using the powerful, high quality speakers of the Yamaha CLP-685.

Using the multi-track song recorder in the Clavinova allows you to record your own performances with a single touch of a button – great for analysing your technique or for archiving your own compositions.

You can even record up to 16 tracks for simultaneous playback, allowing you to record different hands separately or overdub parts using different voices for fully-fleshed out songs.

You can record in either MIDI or WAV formats, giving you a lot of options with your recordings. MIDI files are great for use with a range of software programs and hardware whereas WAV files can be used to play back on your computer burned to CD and enjoyed on most media players.

An Incredible Grand Piano Experience

Every aspect of the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-685 has been meticulously researched and designed to give you an incredible grand piano experience in your home.

Sleek and stylish, the body of the CLP-685 looks great and fits in with any room while its great technology, including the GrandTouch keyboard give you an amazingly lifelike grand piano playability.

The flagship model of the Yamaha Clavinova range, the CLP-685 is an incredibly authentic recreation of both the sounds and feel of playing an acoustic grand piano.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-685 Digital Piano Key Features:

  • Flagship Clavinova Piano
  • CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples
  • CFX Binaural sampling
  • Improved VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling)
  • Smooth Release
  • Key-Off samples
  • String Resonance
  • Damper Resonance
  • 256-note polyphony
  • 49 + 480 XG Voices + GM2/GS (Song file playback)
  • GrandTouch keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops (wood is used for the white keys)
  • Escapement
  • Counterweight
  • 88-key Linear Graded Hammers
  • GP Response Damper Pedal
  • 128 x 64 full dot LCD
  • Dual / Split / Duo
  • Digital effects (Reverb/Chorus/Brilliance/Effect)
  • 19 Voice Demo Songs + 50 Piano Songs* + 303 Lesson Songs (*The Clavinova comes with a book of music scores)
  • 20 rhythms
  • 16-track recording
  • USB Audio Recorder (Playback/Recording: WAV)
  • Dual headphone jacks
  • (50 W + 50 W + 50 W) x 2 amplifiers
  • (16 cm + 8 cm + 2.5 cm (dome)) x 2 speaker system
  • Spruce Cone speaker
  • Speaker Box
  • Acoustic Optimizer
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)
  • Stereophonic Optimizer
  • Music braces
  • Folding key cover
  • Built-in Bluetooth Audio

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-685 Digital Piano Specs:

Size and Weight

  • Width: 1,461mm (57-1/2”)
  • Height: 1027mm (40-7/16”)
  • Depth: 477mm (18-3/4”)
  • Weight: 83.0kg (152lb, 2oz)


  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Action Type: GrandTouch keyboard: wooden keys (white only), synthetic ebony and ivory keytops, escapement
  • Touch Sensitivity Options: Hard2/Hard1/Medium/Soft1/Soft2/Fixed
  • 88-Key Linear Graded Hammers: Yes
  • Counterweight: Yes


  • Number of Pedals: 3
  • Half Pedal Recognition: Yes
  • Pedal Functions: Sustain (Switch), Sustain Continuously, Sostenuto, Soft, Expression, Pitch Bend Up, Pitch Bend Down, Rotary Speed, Vibe Rotor, Song Play/Pause
  • GP Response Damper Pedal: Yes


  • Type: Full Dots LCD
  • Size: 128 x 64 Dots
  • Language: English, Japanese


  • Key Cover Style: Folding
  • Music Rest: Yes
  • Music Braces: Yes

Tone Generation

  • Piano Recreations: Yamaha CFX, Bosendorfer Imperial, CFX Binaural Sampling
  • Binaural Sampling: Yes (CFX Grand Voice)
  • Key-Off Samples: Yes
  • Smooth Release: Yes
  • VRM: Yes
  • Polyphony: 256
  • Number of Voices: 49 Voices + 15 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices


  • Reverb: 6
  • Chorus: 3
  • Brilliance: 7
  • Master Effect: 11
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC): Yes
  • Stereophonic Optimiser: Yes


  • Dual/Layers: Yes
  • Split: Yes
  • Duo: Yes

Songs & Recording

  • Number of Preset Songs: 21 Voice Demo Songs, 50 Classics, 303 Lesson Songs
  • Number of Songs (Recording): 250
  • Number of Tracks (Recording): 16
  • Data Capacity: 500KB/Song (Approx.)
  • Compatible Data Format Playback: SMF (Format 0, Format 1)
  • Compatible Data Format Recording: SMF (Format 0)


  • Piano Room: Yes
  • USB Audio Recorder Playback: .wav (44.1 kHz Sample Rate, 16-Bit Resolution, Stereo)
  • USB Audio Recorder Recording: .wav (44.1 kHz Sample Rate, 16-Bit Resolution, Stereo)
  • Metronome: Yes (5 – 500 Tempo Range)
  • Transpose: -12 -0 - +12
  • Tuning: 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8Hz (Approx. 0.2 Hz Increments)
  • Scale Type: 7 Types
  • Other Controls: Tuning, Scale Type etc.
  • Rhythm: 20
  • Bluetooth: Yes (Audio)


  • Internal Memory: Total Maximum Size Approx. 1.5 MB
  • External Drives: USB Flash Drive


  • Headphones: Standard Stereo Phone Jack (x2)
  • MIDI: [IN] [OUT] [THRU]
  • AUX IN: Stereo Mini
  • AUX OUT: [L/L+R] [R]
  • AUX Pedal: Yes
  • USB TO HOST: Yes

Amplifiers and Speakers

  • Amplifiers: (50 W + 50 W + 50 W) x 2
  • Speakers: (16cm + 8cm + 2.5cm(dome)) x 2, Spruce Cone Speaker
  • Acoustic Optimiser: Yes

Power Supply

  • Auto Power Off Mode: Yes

Included Accessories

  • Owner’s Manual
  • Piano Music Book (50 Classical Music Masterpieces)
  • Online Member Product Registration
  • Power Cable
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