Tama Starphonic Brass 14" x 6" Snare Drum

Tama Starphonic Brass 14" x 6" Snare Drum

The Tama Starphonic Brass 14” Snare Drum features a 1.2mm brass shell to provide a blend of rich warm resonance and exceptional projection. Packed with innovative, user friendly features, this snare i...
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The Tama Starphonic Brass 14” Snare Drum features a 1.2mm brass shell to provide a blend of rich warm resonance and exceptional projection. Packed with innovative, user friendly features, this snare is ideal for a wide range of musical styles. It has a great tuning range and a sleek aesthetic.

Tama Starphonic Brass Snare

The Starphonic Brass Snare is part of Tama’s popular Starphonic snare series which consists of a variety of stunning snares made from a range of different materials.

From Maple and Bubinga to Aluminium, Bell Brass and Steel there’s a sound for every situation in the Starphonic Snare range.

All fitted with high end components offering convenient setup and maintenance, each of these snares has a different tone to offer.

The Starphonic Brass 14” x 6” Snare drum features a 1.2mm thick shell to offer a beautiful rich tone with warm resonance and sharp projection.

Providing a brilliantly wide frequency and tuning range, this snare offers great sonic variety making it perfect for any musical setting.

Grooved Hoops

The Starphonic Brass is fitted with Tama’s patented Grooved Hoops.

Following extensive research into the evolution of drum hoops over time, Tama developed their Grooved Hoop to blend the essence of vintage design with modern technology.

Offering a stick cutter style hoop design typical of vintage snares combined with modern production techniques, the Tama Grooved Hoop is similar to a diecast hoop and offers a robust, durable design that provides secure tuning and cutting cross sticks.

Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare

Fitted with Tama’s Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare Wires, the Tama Starphonic Brass provides a crisp sound with great sensitivity.

Redesigned to incorporate a new material and customised plate shape, the Tama Super Sensitive Snare Wires also feature a new wire coil winding pattern.

The result is a snare wire that fits much more closely to the snare side head for improved sensitivity and a brighter, crisper playing tone.

From delicate snare rolls to full on volume-filled hits, the Tama super sensitive hi-carbon snappy snare wires provide the response you need. 

Freedom Lug & Claw Hook

Another patented feature of this Tama brass snare is the innovative freedom lug design.

Simply loosen the tension rods and tilt the claw hooks backwards away from the shell to quickly and easily release the grooved hoop.

This quick release system allows for simple, super speedy drum head replacement.

Removing the need to completely loosen the tension rods from all the lugs, a quick partial loosen and tilt of the hooks allows instant access to the drumhead.

Spend less time maintaining your snare and more time drumming.

Linear-Drive Strainer

This brass snare also features a patented linear-drive strainer design to offer greater control over your snare wire adjustment.

The Linear-Drive Throw-Off provides more precise control of the strainer motion thanks to the smooth design of the lever adjustment arm.

Whereas most strainers speed up right before the wires hit the head, resulting in that common “slap” sound, the Tama Linear Drive creates a linear motion to provide a consistently smooth movement throughout the strainer adjustment.

Much like a sprocket on a bass drum pedal, the Linear Drive throw off ensures a seamless motion across the adjustment spectrum.

Tama have also tilted the butt plate away from the snare shell by 30 degrees. This offers a more secure hold of the snare wire cords / tape, which in turn releases unnecessary pressure on the strainer and snare.

Non-Loosening Rubber Gasket

Yet another patented feature, the Tama Starphonic Brass features rubber block gaskets within the claw hooks.

These gaskets prevent the tension bolts from loosening during play to ensure a consistent tuning throughout your playing session.

When the tension rods are tightened, the claw hook is pressed towards the hoop. This movement also presses the rubber block gasket inside the claw hook, which creates added pressure to the tension rod, holding it firmly in place.

What this basically means is your tension tuning will remain in place much longer for a consistent snare sound from start to finish.

Detachable Butt Plate

Being able to detach the butt plate from the snare drum means that you can easily access the snare side head without needing to release the snare wire.

This means you can quickly and easily change your snare head without losing your snare wire tension setting.

Simply loosen two screws and detach the butt plate with the snare wires still attached, change your snare side head and replace the butt plate to maintain the exact same set up you had before you removed anything.

Normally finding your perfect snare wire setting sweet spot only lasts for as long as the time between head changes. With the Tama Detachable Butt Plate you have a consistent snare setting every time, even if you change your snare side head.

Ratchet Style Snappy Tension Adjuster

The ratchet style snappy tension adjuster has been specifically designed to prevent the snappy snare wire from loosening.

The ratchet system is positioned on the strainer’s tension adjustment mechanism and works to achieve high-pressure retention to ensure your snare wire stays at the tension you’ve set it to.

The single click adjuster also pulls the snare wire vertically at 0.083mm of wire motion per click, enabling super precise, fine adjustments of your snare setting to create an ultra-sensitive snare response.

Sleek Aesthetic

Fitted with chrome hardware and adorned with the circular black Starphonic badge, the brass starphonic is a stunning snare.

The shining shell features a single, central beading band which, in addition to controlling the overall sustain of the snare, provides a stylish look.

Offering an appearance that’s as slick as it’s tone, the Tama Starphonic Brass is a head turner as much as it is an ear-grabber.


For a snare drum with a stunning aesthetic, a super-rich, resonant cutting tone and brilliant functionality for precise adjustment, the Tama Starphonic Brass is a great choice.

Packed with innovative features like the Freedom Lug and Claw Hooks, Linear-Drive Strainer and Detachable Butt Plate, the Tama Brass Starphonic offers high end functionality to allow you to easily fine tune your tone.

Grab this stunning snare today at PMT Online for a great price!

Tama Starphonic Brass 14” Snare Drum Key Features:

  • 14” x 6”
  • 10 Lug
  • Rich, Warm Resonance
  • Sharp Projection
  • Wide Tuning Range
  • Grooved Hoops
  • Freedom Lugs & Claw Hooks
  • Non-Loosening Rubber Gasket
  • Supper Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare
  • “Linear Drive” Strainer / Detachable Butt Plate
  • Ratchet Style Snappy Tension Adjuster
  • MS20RL14C Snare Wires
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Sleek Aesthetic


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Manufacturer Tama
SKU 71405
Shipping Weight (kg) 5.000000
Shell Material brass
Snare Size 14" x 6"


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