Sonor SQ1 Rack 10" Rack Tom in Roadster Green
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Sonor SQ1 10" x 7" Rack Tom in Roadster Green

by Sonor
The Sonor SQ1 10” x 7” Rack Tom in Roadster Green provides the perfect way to expand the Sonor kit of the same finish. Sonor SQ1 Rack To..

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The Sonor SQ1 10” x 7” Rack Tom in Roadster Green provides the perfect way to expand the Sonor kit of the same finish.

Sonor SQ1 Rack Tom

The Sonor SQ1 series was designed to deliver the ultimate in versatile sound to ensure its capable of achieving a variety of tone to meet the most diverse demands.

Constructed from 100% birch, featuring the resonance aiding Sound Sustainer tom mount and with style inspired by automotive design, this Sonor 10” tom delivers extraordinary tonal character.

Providing a brilliant way to expand the Sonor SQ1 3-piece shell pack of the same colour, this 10” rack tom offers some top end punchy projection to fill out your kit sound.

Sonor SQ1 10” x 7” Rack Tom in Roadster Green Key Features:

  • 100% Pure European Birch
  • Cross Lamination Tension Free Process
  • Optimum Shell Measurement
  • Sound Sustainer Mount
  • Classic Car Inspired Finish
  • Ideal Way to Expand the Tom Tone of a 3-Piece Kit

Classic Car Styling

Available in 4 matte lacquer finish options, each of the Sonor SQ1 kits feature colours inspired by the world of classic automotive design.

As with all of the drums, the lacquer surface of this 10” tom is handcrafted with Sonor’s precision sanding, polishing and lacquering processes to ensure a stunning aesthetic.

The interior of the Sonor tom is also sealed with a special lacquer.

Finished in a rich racing car green, this rack tom has a quintessentially classic look.

Adorned with all chrome hardware that perfectly complements the luscious matte green finish, this is a tom that exudes high end style.

The perfect addition to the 3-piece kit of the same finish, this tom continues the style of the kit while extending the tom tone possibilities.

All Birch Shell

This 10” Sonor SQ1 rack tom is constructed from 100% European Birch to deliver the optimum in versatile tone.

After trying multiple birch-based shell material combinations, Sonor settled on pure birch because it delivered the most versatile drum sound.

Offering great balance across all the frequencies, birch is characterised by it’s boosted highs, less pronounced midrange and great low-end punch.

Capable of producing the piercing projection required for live performance as well as the depth of tone needed for studio recording, this tom adds a wonderfully rich, punchy sound.

Whether you want to expand the tonal options of your drum kit or want a different tom size to switch up your sound in a 1 up 1 down set up, this 10" tom gives you the option to customise your configuration.

German Precision

Sonor use a unique Cross Lamination Tension Free process in the creation of their drum shells to ensure a super strong build.

This 10 x 7” tom also features Sonor’s Optimum Shell Measurement which means it has a slightly narrowed outside shell measurement.

The combination of these two characteristics serves to deliver a rack tom with excellent sustain and that accommodates very easy tuning.

Sound Sustainer Mount System

Working to optimise the acoustic performance of their drums, Sonor worked in conjunction with scientific institutes to develop their drum mounting system.

The result is their Sound Sustainer technology which is based on concepts that are applied in the automotive industry.

The premise of the Sonor Sound Sustainer design is a 2-component connection that enables the complete isolation of the metal mount from the wooden shell.

Utilising a rubber and metal construction to keep the two apart, this tom mounting system guarantees particularly long lasting and clean decaying sustain.

Offering stable tom positioning and optimum tonal response the Sound Sustainer mount ensures you achieve solid tom placement without jeopardising tom tone. 


The ideal companion to the Sonor SQ1 drum kit, this 10” x 7” Roadster Green rack tom is the perfect way to extend the tonal range of your shell pack.

The pure birch construction delivers a superb tuning range and brilliantly versatile tone, while the Sound Sustainer mount ensures optimum resonance and solid positioning.

The classic car inspired styling provides a stunningly sophisticated aesthetic to match its stunning sound.

To extend the tom tone of your Sonor SQ1 kit, buy the Sonor SQ1 10” x 7” Rack Tom in Roadster Green now from PMT Online.


Weight (kg)5.0000
Finishroadster green
Rack Tom Size10" x 7"

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