Second Hand, B-Stock & Pre-Loved Gear at PMT

At PMT Stores and Online, we have a vast array of second hand guitars, second hand drums, second hand keyboards and other 2nd hand music gear for sale, and we understand that you may have some questions regarding buying and selling used gear from PMT.

Firstly, let's answer your burning question: why should you buy and sell used, B-stock, pre-loved, clearance and second hand gear with PMT?

Why buy second hand from PMT?

  • Pre-loved items at bargain prices
  • Get yourself vintage or rare gear that's hard to find
  • 3-month warranty on second hand gear*
  • 1-year warranty on B-stock items
  • We always have a stream of 2nd hand gear coming in across our music stores and online

Why part exchange your used gear with PMT?

  • Upgrade for less - get money off the latest gear by swapping in your old instruments and equipment
  • Great alternative to eBay (plus no insertion fees, shipping fees or returns to deal with!)
  • We'll always agree on a price before making the deal
  • Changed your mind? Change your gear again! There's no limit on how often you can part-ex with PMT

PMT Second Hand FAQ and Terms & Conditions

I'm still not sure if I should buy and sell second hand items at PMT Stores & Online - can you give me some more assurance that you're awesome, please?
Every single used item that been part exchanged at a PMT Store has been thoroughly checked by the store manager before taking it in as 2nd hand stock, as we don't want to be stuck with broken gear either! The store manager will always check that the gear:

  • Is in full working order
  • Has no defects
  • Has everything necessary included with the item for it to be used
  • Plus, most of our B-stock items are in fantastic condition and have only become B-stock as they have been used as a demo model in-store or has minimal cosmetic damage.

How does part exchange work at PMT Stores?

If you want to trade in your old gear and get something new, pop into your nearest PMT Store to get an estimate for your pre-loved equipment. If we like the look of your gear, we’ll offer you a price!

Part exchange can only be offered in-store - never over the phone, through email, via social media or online - as the pricing for your gear will be down to the discretion of the store manager. The manager will price your pre-used items based on condition, age, availability and resale value. Find out more about Part Exchange at PMT Stores.

Can I trade my used instruments and equipment for cash or credit?

No, you can only trade in your gear against a new item from our store. The value of your trade-in must be the same or lower than your new item. We are unable to add credit to your account and we only buy used instruments for cash in extremely special circumstances.

However, if you really do need the cash, we do host a Car Boot Sale at selected PMT Stores every summer, where you can book a free pitch and sell any used gear you wish to attendees! Make sure you check our Event page to see when the next PMT Car Boot Sale is.