Schlagwerk SH10 Shake Hand
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Schlagwerk SH10 Shake Hand

The Schlagwerk SH10 Shake Hand offers a quick and convenient way to add a shaker element to your playing while using other instruments. Feat..

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The Schlagwerk SH10 Shake Hand offers a quick and convenient way to add a shaker element to your playing while using other instruments. Featuring a comfortable bandage style design, this shaker fits neatly on your hand to add a layer of maraca style shaker to your sound.

Schlagwerk Shake Hand

Providing a super easy way to incorporate shaker into your Cajon or percussion playing, the Schlagwerk Shake Hand is an easy to use comfortable shaker.

Offering a wide range of Cajon add ons and percussion accessories, Schlagwerk hopes to encourage drummers to find their own individual sound setup.

Delivering diversity and flexibility their range of percussion help you to expand upon your Cajon sound.

Featuring the design and quality standards we’ve come to expect from Schlagwerk, this percussion shaker is an ideal gift for the Cajon playing percussionist.

Schlagwerk SH10 Shake Hand Specifications:

  • Comfortable Hand Bandage
  • Adjustable Shaker Element
  • 2 x Maraca Eggs and Shake Tube

Comfortable Design

The Schlagwerk Hand Shake consists of two separate aspects. Firstly, the hand bandage which wraps around your hand and secures in place using Velcro. And the shaker element which fixes to the hand bandage also using Velcro.

The hand bandage is made from a soft material to ensure a comfortable playing feel when in use.

Once in place, simply stick the shaker element to the hand bandage to add instant sassy shaker tones to your Cajon and percussion playing.

Adjustable Shaker

The shaker of the element consists of 2 maraca eggs and a shake tube.

Providing a high-pitched, robust shaker tone the Hand Shake provides a brilliant way to add an extra layer of sound to your playing.

With its super easy attachment and removal, it’s easy to switch seamlessly between using the shaker or playing without it.

Ideal for mid performance changes of tone, you can quickly attach or take away the shaker from the bandage for an instant switch up of sound.


Having the option to play a shaker with the back of your hand means that your palms are free to grab other musical instruments.

Whether you want to wear the Schlagwerk SH10 shaker while you play with drum sticks, or you want to keep your hands free to play the Cajon, the Hand Shake provides you with options to create the most convenient percussion set up for you. 

Alternatively, you may be a guitarist who wants to add some shaker to your strumming. The Schlagwerk Hand Shake provides you with the option to incorporate a new layer of tone into your performance without changing the way you play.


Offering a superb, comfortable and convenient way to expand your playing set up, this Schlagwerk Hand Shake offers an innovative way to incorporate another layer of tone into your performance.

Providing a responsive maraca style shaker sound, the Hand Shake is a well-designed percussion instrument that can be used in conjunction with other instruments thanks to its hands-free design.

To add some shimmering shaker to your percussion set up, grab the Schlagwerk SH10 Hand Shake from PMT Online today!

Schlagwerk SH10 Shake Hand Key Features:

  • Maraca Style Shaker Sound
  • Comfortable Hand Bandage
  • Removable Shaker Element
  • Consists of 2 x Maraca Eggs and Shake Tube
  • Allows You to Play Other Instruments at the Same Time




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