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Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit
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Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

by Roland
The Roland TD-27KV V-Drums electronic drum kit offers great performance via its advanced pads and powerful TD-27 module. Mid-Level V-Drums, ..

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The Roland TD-27KV V-Drums electronic drum kit offers great performance via its advanced pads and powerful TD-27 module.

Mid-Level V-Drums, Next-Gen Performance

Powered by the incredible new TD-27 sound engine, the Roland TD-27KV electronic drum kit boasts premium, fully-customisable drum and cymbal sounds.

When it comes to performing with the TD-27KV V-Drums kit, you will appreciate the advanced digital trigger technology as it detects every small detail of your playing in ultra-high definition while its large-diameter drum and cymbal pads offer fantastic playing feel.

Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit Key Features:

  • Mid-Size V-Drums Kit with Flagship-Class Sound
  • TD-27 Sound Module with Advanced Prismatic Sound Modelling
  • 14" Digital Snare and 18" Ride Cymbal with High-Res, Multi-Sensor Triggering
  • Large-Diameter Pads and Cymbals for Acoustic-Like Playing Experience
  • Drum In A Wide Range of Realistic, Virtual Spaces with Newly Developed PureAcoustic Ambience Technology
  • Hands-On Interface for Quick and Easy Selection and Customisation of Your Drum Sounds
  • Import Your Own WAV Samples Via SD Card
  • Stereo Mix Output and Two Assignable Outputs for Sending Individual Drum Sounds to A PA Mixer
  • Integrated 28-Channel USB Audio Interface
  • Three Auxiliary Trigger Inputs for Expansion
  • Onboard Bluetooth for Drumming with Music from Smartphone, Tablet etc.
  • Built-In Practice Functions for Developing Your Drumming Skills

Large Pads and Cymbals

Unlike many other electronic drum kits, the Roland TD-27KV features large-diameter pads and cymbals which allow for a spacious layout.

As a result, you get that familiar feeling of an acoustic kit.

Included with this electronic drum kit are a 14" x 3.5" stainless-steel snare drum and 10" toms which feature Roland's acclaimed multi-ply mesh heads, giving you amazing response and even adjustable tension for natural rebound.

Also included are 12" hi-hat cymbals which are mounted on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand. You'll also find an 18" ride cymbal along with 12" and 13" crash cymbals which are mounted on sturdy boom arms giving you that great stick feel and authentic movement.

14" Digital Snare and 18" Digital Ride Cymbal

Utilising Roland's own incredible digital pad technology, the Roland TD-27KV V-Drums give you an unbelievable level of realism.

Connecting to the TD-27 module via USB, the digital snare and ride pads, together with the cutting-edge sound engine, provide inspiring, natural expression.

As a result, every detail of your drumming will be heard by you and your audience.

Featuring multiple sensors and boasting lightning-fast processing, the Roland TD-27KV gives you fantastic response so you can play exactly how you would on a standard acoustic kit.

From ghost notes and rim shots to cross stick playing on the snare; everything you play will be detected with amazing precision.

Similarly, the ride cymbal provides you with a wide tonal range and you can subtly mute it by touching the bow - just like a traditional ride.

Prismatic Sound Modelling and PureAcoustic Ambience Technology

The Roland TD-27 sound module is derived from the flagship Roland TD-50.

To create the sounds for the TD-27, some of the best drums, cymbals and percussion instruments ever available, vintage and modern, have been sampled in world-class recording studios.

Then, Roland apply their unique Prismatic Sound Modelling to the samples which brings them to life via proprietary behaviour modelling which has been worked on for over twenty years.

As a result, each strike of a drum or cymbal not only triggers a sound but completely emulates the performance of a full-bodied instrument which responds exactly like a real life acoustic version.

But it doesn't stop there.

Using new PureAcoustic Ambience Technology to optimise each kit, the Roland TD-27KV creates a beautifully natural and immersive sound field when you play.

You can even adjust how this sounds too by adjusting the microphone position on each kit and alter the sound however you want it with the newly developed overhead mic simulator.

Along with all this, you also have advanced onboard multi-effects and mixing capabilities. This gives you the kind of power you'd normally only get from a full-scale studio console with transient, parametric EQs, compressors, reverbs, delays and more all available to you.

Create Your Own Signature Drum Kit

One of the greatest features of the Roland TD-27 is the ability to create and customise your very own drum kits.

Just like you would with a traditional acoustic drum kit, the Roland TD-27KV allows you to shape your own sound by swapping head types, adjusting the tuning, applying damping, tweaking the snare wire tension, changing the kick beater and more - all with the TD-27 module.

What's more; it's easy to do!

All you have to do is strike the pad you want to adjust to select it then use the controls and easy-to-use editing tools to get the sound to your exact liking.

Furthermore, your edits will be automatically saved so you can focus on your playing.

You can even load your own samples and layer them with the built-in sounds of the Roland TD-27 for even deeper personalisation.

If you want to expand your kit, that's easy too.

Thanks to the TD-27 module's trio of auxiliary trigger inputs, you can easily add tom and cymbal pads to expand your performance capabilities.

Perfect for Stage and Studio

With a wide range of connectivity options, the Roland TD-27KV V-Drums electronic drum kit is poised and ready to deliver great sound live on stage or in the recording studio.

Stereo outputs  from the TD-27 module send out the overall drum sound while two direct outputs for sending kick, snare and other sounds to an audio console allow for independent mixing to capture the perfect sound at source.

Furthermore, the Roland TD-27KV features a built-in USB audio interface so producing music with your computer is made easy with up to 28 audio channels available over a single cable.

The TD-27 module also supports MIDI via USB and dedicated I/O so you can sync with other MIDI devices and trigger sounds in your computer's software.

Improve Your Drumming

Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, the Roland TD-27KV allows you to wireless stream audio from your phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices which is great for jamming along with your favourite tunes with headphones.

Pipe in some of your favourite songs or mix your sound with YouTube tutorials and more to have fun and improve your drumming.

Where the Roland TD-27KV really helps you improve your performance though is in its built-in coach functions.

With these, you can develop your skills and even track your progress and there's an advanced metronome to help you improve your timing.

What's more, you can record your playing right there on the V-Drums module and listen back to it to analyse your performance.

A New Way to Perform

Roland's V-Drums electronic drum kits are renowned for their fantastic performance capabilities.

Get flagship sound, incredibly playability and amazing realism in the new V-Drums mid-level electronic drum kit - buy the Roland TD-27KV electronic drum kit.


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