Roland TD-25KVX V-Drum Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-25KVX V-Drum Electronic Drum Kit

The Roland TD-25KVX V Drums Electronic Drum Kit is a feature packed intermediate level drum kit ideal for the recording or gigging drummer. With expressive mesh heads for a realistic playing response,...
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The Roland TD-25KVX V Drums Electronic Drum Kit is a feature packed intermediate level drum kit ideal for the recording or gigging drummer. With expressive mesh heads for a realistic playing response, quick customisation options, a strong acoustic kit aesthetic and superb connectivity for professional quality performance recording, this is an acoustic feeling electronic drum kit at a great price.

Roland TD25KVX Electronic Drum Kit

Set at the mid-level point of Roland’s extensive electronic drum kit range, the Roland TD25KVX kit offers high-end features at an intermediate price.

Fitted with realistic responding mesh heads for a dynamic and expressive playing feel, this Roland V drums kit provides you with the option to quickly and easily customise your set up to fit your specific requirements.

The acoustic kit sizing of this drum kit provides a striking visual presence on stage while providing a familiar acoustic drum kit feel.

With a sound module that features aspects derived from the higher end TD-30 V drums series, this Roland electronic kit offers a wide range of drum kit sounds to cover a variety of musical styles.

Packed with a streamlined interface, built in audio recording functionality, responsive mesh heads and cymbal pads and an 18” acoustic shell bass drum, the Roland TD-25VKX is a superb choice for the serious drummer who wants an electronic drum kit that offers acoustic kit expression.

Roland TD-25KVX V Drums Electronic Drum Kit Key Features:

  • Advanced SuperNATURAL sound engine, based on the TD-30 V-Drums series
  • Sound quality and expressiveness equivalent to the top-of-the-line V-Drums
  • Simple, logical interface for easily swapping and customizing each drum and cymbal in a kit
  • 12-inch 2-ply mesh-head PD-128S-BC snare pad, with positional sensing and rim shot/cross stick playing; snare-stand mountable
  • Three 10-inch PDX-100 dual-mesh tom pads
  • VH-11 V-Hi-Hat mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand and of-fers realistic motion and a natural acoustic feel
  • Two CY-12C 12-inch crash cymbals with natural swinging motion, edge/bow sensors, and choke control; CY-13R 13-inch ride cymbal with natural swinging motion and edge/bow/bell triggering
  • KD-180 Bass Drum, featuring an 18-inch acoustic shell for acoustic feel and visual presence
  • Play along with WAV/MP3 songs and capture drum performances as audio tracks to a USB memory stick
  • Build drumming skills with the onboard Coach functions
  • Quick-access metronome with dedicated screen, on/off button, and tempo knob
  • USB host port for audio/MIDI communication with a computer
  • Hi-hat stand, snare stand and bass drum pedal sold separately. Speak to our In-store experts about the best compatable hardware options.

SuperNATURAL Sound

Featuring Roland SuperNATURAL technology, the Roland TD25VKX drum kit provides a wide range of usable drum kit sounds that cover a plethora of musical styles.

Equipped with behaviour modelling, taken from the Roland TD-30 module, the TD25 module adapts to your playing style to ensure the most expressive playing response possible.

Responding naturally to your playing style, the Roland TD-25KVX learns the way you play and adapts to ensure it provides the most authentic playing response for super dynamics and a truly interactive playing feel.

Allowing you to achieve the highest level of musical expression, this Roland TD-25 kit responds in a natural way to create a response as close to an acoustic kit as possible.

While the mesh heads accommodate rim shots, rolls, flams and the dynamics of ghost notes, the cymbal pads provide an instant, latency-free response for immediate crash hits and sustained cymbal swells.

Offering acoustic kit-like nuances the Roland TD-25KVX provides an accurate, detailed response and an ultra-smooth playing feel making this V Drum kit a comfortable, joy to play.

Naturally Acoustic Consistently Electronic

Delving deeper into the expressive playing feel of this Roland V Drums kit, the array of mesh heads, cymbal pads and the acoustic shell bass drum provide a drum kit setup that feels like an acoustic kit while providing the consistency of electronic sounds.

Offering an expressive playing feel to rival high end v drum kits, the Roland TD 25KVX features a 12” snare pad and three 10” tom pads all of which have 2 ply mesh heads to provide a natural feel and realistic rebound.

Designed to make acoustic drummers feel at home, the larger 12” snare mesh head features Roland’s innovative positional sensing technology.

This technology enables subtle, organic tonal changes of sound depending on where you hit the pad.

From delicate rolls at the edge of the snare to full on, fat snare whacks in the centre of the drum, the Roland TD25KVX responds in a natural way for a truly expressive playing feel.

The 12” snare head also fits to a regular snare stand, just like an acoustic snare, for flexible positioning allowing you to achieve your most comfortable playing set up.

While the 10” mesh head toms deliver a natural playing response in line with the expressive snare, the cymbals also work to ensure a realistic playing feel.

All of the 3 cymbal pads offer a natural swinging motion and support chokes for a super realistic feel, just like your acoustic kit set up.

Crashes allow bow and edge sounds while rides also incorporate a bell sound for a realistic response across the whole cymbal set up.

From cutting, impactful crashes to intricate ride patterns and accenting bell tones, the cymbal pads of the Roland TD25KVX give you the options you need to achieve the sound you require.

This Roland kit also comes with the VH-11 hi-hat pad which mounts on a standard hi-hat stand to offer a natural open and closed motion as well as providing bow and edge sounds for a traditional playing technique response.

The cherry on top of this beautiful Roland V drums cake is the KD-180 Acoustic Feel Bass Drum.

Featuring an 18” genuine acoustic shell with a built-in pad system, this bass drum instantly feels like a typical acoustic kick drum and delivers a distinctive acoustic kit look.

Equipped with Roland’s innovative air-damper mechanics that work alongside the 18” acoustic shell to ‘move air’ just as an acoustic drum would, this electronic bass drum has the natural resistance you'd expect from an acoustic bass drum as the beater hits the head.

As well as making a visual statement, providing stable, consistent and accurate triggering, this 18” V drum acoustic shell bass offers an unparallel acoustic drum kit feel from an electronic kit and it's also compatible with double kick pedals.

Streamlined Interface

1. Select the genre. 2 Pick the kit. 3 Hit the drums. It’s a simple as that with the Roland TD25 sound module.

Featuring a no-nonsense design, the TD25KVX sound module is packed with a range of sounds to fulfil the most diverse of drumming needs.

Offering quick and easy kit selection, simply use the large centre dial on the module to select your kit sound based on the music style you require.

Including standard, rock, jazz, and electronic amongst others, once you’ve selected your genre, simply press the dial to toggle between the different kit variations within that field.

Then you’re good to go! Start drumming with your selected kit sound to achieve the most naturally expressive playing sounds possible.

Quick Kit Customisation

The Roland TD25KVX sound engine makes it easy to create personalised kit setups to achieve the exact playing sound you want.

It’s simple to edit sounds to suit you playing touch or musical style. Simply hit a pad to call up the assigned sound, then use the module knobs to select the instrument sound you prefer before tweaking the tuning, muffling and level.

Handy shortcuts serve to further speed up this editing process, allowing you to change the muffling and tuning parameters of all the toms at once.

Plus, with automatically saved editing there are no extra steps required to ensure you don’t lose your setting. It’s all done for you!

Unhappy with your selection? Easily undo your most recent edit and return to where the kit was before you started tweaking.

With intricate customisation parameters like tuning changes, muffling and level setting the Roland TD25 kit ensures you’re able to achieve the exact kit sound you require no matter what the situation or musical style.

Want a loosely tuned, fat, low snare sound? You can do that. Perhaps you want high pitched 80s style toms? The Roland TD25KVX sound module provides you with the functionality you need to truly customise your sound.

Play-Along Tracks – Jam to Your Favourites

Practicing chops and rudiments, although an essential part of drumming, can quickly become boring. What we all want to be doing really is jamming along to our favourite tracks.

The Roland TD-25KVX features a USB memory stick input allowing you to quickly and easily load up your favourite songs, in wav or mp3 format, for you to play along with.

Or plug your smartphone or tablet into the audio input of the v-drums sound module to play along with your sound library or stream the songs of your choice.

As well as offering normal playback functionality, the Roland TD25KVX sound engine also allows you to loop sections of songs enabling you to work on specific parts of a track or you can slow down playback so that you can figure out those fast fills and tricky grooves.

Audio Recording – Evaluate and Share

A great way to evaluate your drumming progress is to record yourself and access whether you do actually sound as good as you think you do!

The Roland TD-25KVX drum kit provides the option to record your drumming performances, either with or without backing tracks, in order to access your progress or to share your playing with your family and friends or online.

You can record audio files to USB memory stick for quick and easy recording or the Roland TD-25 module also has a USB host port providing a convenient way to connect your kit to a DAW for audio and midi data recording.

So, from quick practice takes to high end studio quality recordings, the Roland TD-25KVX provides you with options to capture, evaluate and share your drumming performances with ease.


Offering an acoustic kit appearance and a realistically, expressive playing feel, the Roland TD-25KVX was designed to make acoustic drummers feel at home.

Providing the feel of acoustic drums with the consistency and control of electronic sounds, the Roland TD25KVX is built around a realistic feeling 18” acoustic shell bass drum, with a positional sensing snare pad, realistic response tom mesh pads and natural responding cymbals and hi-hat.

The Roland TD-25 sound module is packed with high end features and an easy to use interface, offering quick customisation options, recording features and a variety of sounds to fulfil different musical situations.

A superb, mid-level electronic drum kit at a great price, the Roland TD25KVX offers top end functionality and superbly expressive playing at a great price.

For dramatic dynamic response, exceptional expressive playability and quick kit customisation buy the Roland TD-25KVX V Drums Electronic Drum Kit today from PMT Online!


Kit configuration

  • Drum sound module: TD-25 x 1
  • V-Pad (snare): PD-128S-BC x 1
  • V-Pad (tom 1, tom 2, tom 3): PDX-100 x 3
  • V-Hi-hat: VH-11 x 1
  • V-Cymbal crash: CY-12C x 2
  • V-Cymbal ride: CY-13R x 1
  • Kick Drum: KD-180 x1
  • Drum Stand: MDS-9SC
  • Hi-hat stand, snare stand and bass drum pedal sold separately

Extra trigger input jacks

  • 1 (AUX)


  • Setup Guide

Options (sold separately)

  • Cymbal mount: MDY series
  • Pad mount: MDH series
  • Personal drum monitor: PM series
  • Stereo headphones: RH-300V
  • V-Drums accessory package: DAP-3X
  • V-Drums mat: TDM-10, TDM-20

Size and Width (Including MDS-9SC Frame)

  • Width - 1,300 mm / 51-3/16 inches
  • Depth - 1,200 mm / 47-1/4 inches
  • Height - 1,250 mm / 49-1/4 inches

Weight (Including MDS-9SC Frame)

  • Weight - 25.1 kg / 55 lbs 6 oz

Please note this kit does not come with the hi-hat stand, snare stand or bass drum pedal featured in the images

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