Roadie 2 Automatic Guitar Tuner
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Roadie 2 Automatic Guitar Tuner

The Roadie 2 automatic guitar tuner is easy to use and will accurately tune most string instruments in seconds. Smart Automatic String Tuner..

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The Roadie 2 automatic guitar tuner is easy to use and will accurately tune most string instruments in seconds.

Smart Automatic String Tuner

As far as customisable automatic string tuners go, there’s nothing quite like the Roadie 2.

Whether you’re on stage, in rehearsals or just having fun at home, the Roadie 2 automatically winds your strings and tunes them perfectly.

In other words, you can quickly and easily tune up in any environment and it’s particularly useful if you’re a gigging musician.

Roadie 2 Automatic Guitar Tuner Key Features:

  • Tunes Virtually Any String Instrument Including Guitars, Ukuleles, Mandolins, Banjos and More
  • Accurate Tuning in Any Environment with The Roadie 2’s Vibration Sensor
  • Adjust Preferences for Left Hand Mode, Beep, Vibration and More
  • Chose from Over 40 Preset Alternative and Open Tunings
  • Create Your Own Custom Tunings

Tune All Sorts of Instruments

As the Roadie 2 tunes using the machine heads of your guitar, it will tune virtually any string instrument that has guitar-like tuning pegs.

That means you can use the Roadie 2 to tune electric, acoustic and classical guitars, lap-steels, 7 and 12-string guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, and more.

If you’d like to tune a bass guitar, there is also a Roadie Bass automatic tuner available.

Tune Your Instrument Anywhere

Roadie 2 features advanced audio algorithms and a vibration sensor.

Combine these features with its machine precision and you get perfect, accurate tuning.

Also, because it uses a vibration sensor rather than a microphone, you can even tune your instrument in incredibly noisy environments.

What’s more, it only takes the Roadie 2 about 30 seconds to fine-tune your guitar! You can also completely change your tuning, so you can spend less time tuning and more time playing.

Free Mobile App for Custom Tunings

The Roadie 2 comes with 40 preset tunings all built directly into the device itself and selectable using controls on the back.

A handy display screen lets you know what tuning you’re using and helps you navigate through the options.

However, if the onboard tunings aren’t enough you can use the free mobile app to add more!

Available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play store, the Roadie Tuner app lets you program in your custom tunings.

Spend More Time Playing, Less Time Tuning

The Roadie 2 has three different speed settings on it, going up to 60RPM so tuning your strings is quick and easy, as is restringing your guitar.

On average, the Roadie 2 can tune 150 strings on a single charge. In addition to this, the battery indicator on the display screen will keep you up to date on how much power you have left.

Perfect for roadies, guitar techs, solo performers and more, the Roadie 2 automatic guitar tuner is incredibly convenient to have on you.


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