DJ Equipment

DJ Equipment is the bread & butter of any DJ, it includes all the gear that's essential for any serious DJ: DecksDJ MixersDJ Controllers and DJ Effects. If you fancy becoming the next David Guetta or the next Calvin Harris, you'd better be well-equipped, so check out our excellent selection of all the best DJ gear we have for sale!


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DJ Decks

Decks are the most important tools for any DJs - it's what makes someone a DJ. It's the DJ's main "instrument", so a good set of DJ decks is simply essential. Today, there are three main kinds of decks: CDJ Decks for those who use CDs, Turntables for the "turntablists" who still use vinyl, and Media Players that allow you to simply load tracks from a USB stick.

DJ Mixers

The other crucially important piece of DJ equipment is the DJ Mixer. After all, DJ-ing is more than just playing records - it's also the art of mixing and cross-fading between tracks! While some DJs may feel OK about using whatever mixer is at their disposal at a club, most pros will feel more comfortable with their own choice of mixers, and for this reason, choosing your mixer is just as important as choosing your decks.

DJ Controllers

Over the past decade, a new type of DJ has been on the rise - the Laptop DJ. Today, some of the biggest DJs prefer to do this set via this medium, so the popularity of DJ Controllers has reached new heights! One of the great advantages is its portability and practicality: most DJ controllers are pretty much like having two decks and a mixer, in one single, light package!

DJ Effects

DJ Effects can add an extra, special touch to any DJ set: delays, reverb, looper, flanger and phasing can help a tune to stand out on the dancefloor if the DJ does it right!

At the PMT Online DJ & Producer Shop we sell all the best DJ equipment from top brands such as Pioneer, Novation, Korg, Akai, Numark, Native Instruments and many, many others!


  • Why buy new DJ equipment?

    As your skills as a DJ increase, and as new innovations and technologies are introduced to the market, you may wish to upgrade your DJ setup. This will allow you to keep improving your skills and remain on the cutting-edge of DJ technology.
  • How to power DJ equipment outside?

    To power DJ equipment outside you'll probably need a generator or power source. Ensure that your setup is safe and protected from the elements before starting a set, or your equipment may be at risk of damage.
  • What DJ equipment do I need for a beginner?

    There are various types of setup for beginner DJs. You may opt for a laptop with software, or two turntables. It's important that you have two inputs and a mixer, whether it be hardware or software. You should have headphones and a monitoring solution.
  • Do clubs provide DJ equipment?

    Most clubs will provide some equipment for a DJ, but this should be checked and agreed upon in advance. You may still wish to bring your own equipment, however, in order to deliver the best set on gear that is comfortable for you to use.