Free Guitar Health Check Consultation

If your guitar is feeling tired and in need of some attention. Bring your instrument to one of our local stores for a free health check consultation. Our experts have years of experience and will diagnose what is required to bring your instrument back to life. 


What is a health check?


Is your guitar not playing right? Pickup's not working? or just want some professional advice on how to mod your guitar. 

Come along to any of our 15 local stores for professional advice and diagnostics on your pride and joy. 

Here's a step by step guide to getting your guitar back to its former glory. 



Step By Step Guide


Step 1 - Arrive at your local store

Step 2 - Ask a store advisor for a FREE Guitar Health Check Consultation 

Step 3 - Browse your local store and check out the latest gear, whilst we review your guitar.

Step 4 - Return to your advisor who will give you your diagnostic rundown and health check findings. 


Need help finding your local store? click below for information.