Electro Harmonix Super Switcher
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Electro Harmonix Super Switcher

Regain control of your unruly pedalboard with the Electro Harmonix Super Switcher - an all-in-one solution for your ever growing pedal colle..

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Regain control of your unruly pedalboard with the Electro Harmonix Super Switcher - an all-in-one solution for your ever growing pedal collection!

Electro Harmonix Super Switcher Highlights

  • Extensive I/O maximizes flexibility and control
  • Features mono and stereo send/return, insert send/return and mono/stereo out
  • Equipped with tuner and tap tempo outs, MIDI In & Out and more
  • Features eight mechanical-relay controlled, true bypass loops
  • Provides 128 presets: 16 banks with 8 presets each
  • Tap footswitch sets the BPM The Super Switcher can be configured to send/receive MIDI clock and send tap signals to the output BPM can be global or per preset
  • Tuner footswitch sends the input signal to the tuner out and cuts off the signal from any loops or output
  • Boost footswitch engages a knob adjustable, output gain Boost on both the left and right channels

Does Exactly What It Says On The Box

If you (like me) are tired of having to hop around your eve-growing pedalboard to activate some of your effects without activting others, then the Electro Harmonix Super Switcher could well be for you.

This EHX Super Switcher essentially moves control of each of your pedals back to the front of your pedalboard, and allows you to activate these pedals each in turn, or as part of a preset collection of them. Speaking of presets...

Huge Number of Presets

The Electro Harmonix Super Switch comes complete with a whopping amount of presets to edit, save, and recall whenever you need them. Each of the sixteen banks can store up to 8 presets, giving you 128 presents in total to play around though.

As if that wasn't enough, if you're playing in a setup that uses click tracks, you can configure the EHX Super Switcher to send/receive MIDI clock, and then send tap signals to the output. This ensures that each of your pedals are running at the same BPM - globally or per preset!

Available to Order Now!

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Electro Harmonix Super Switcher Technical Specs

  • Bypass Type: Buffered
  • Current Draw: 150mA @ 9VDC
  • Dimensions in inches: 19(w) x 6(l) x 25(h)
  • Dimensions in mm: 483(w) x 153(l) x 64(h)


Weight (kg)2.0000
EffectsSignal Routing/Relay
Power Supply9v DC Adapter
Warranty2 years

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