DW 6710 Flush Base Straight Cymbal Stand
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DW 6710 Straight Cymbal Stand

by DW
The DW 6710 Straight Cymbal Stand features a flush base for a lightweight design and a vintage look. It features a toothless tilter, TechLoc..

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The DW 6710 Straight Cymbal Stand features a flush base for a lightweight design and a vintage look. It features a toothless tilter, TechLock and adjustable cymbal seat for easy and secure positioning of your cymbals.

DW 6710 Straight Cymbal Stand

The DW 6000 Series of Hardware has proved extremely popular thanks to its sleek, vintage flush base aesthetic and its lightweight design. A perfect blend of portability and stability the 6000 hardware is a great choice for drummers on the go.

Flush Base Design

The most striking feature of this 6000 straight cymbal stand is its flush base design. The low-profile, lightweight aluminium base of this stand makes it the ideal choice for small space setups, vintage kits or gigging drummers who want to reduce the weight of their hardware bag.

Cymbal Seat Adjustment

This 6000 series cymbal stand features DW’s patented cymbal seat adjustment which can be raised or lowered and then locked in place. This allows you to quickly adjust the amount of cymbal movement you require depending on the sound you want, without having to unscrew the top wingnut. If you want lots of wash, drop the seat for more cymbal movement or if you want a tighter tone, raise the cymbal seat to clamp the cymbal more tightly.

Integrated Cymbal Seat and Wingnut Felt

The DW 6710 straight stand is topped with an integrated cymbal seat which can be locked to the cymbal stand with a standard drumkey. The cymbal seat keeps your cymbals protected, preventing them from touching the cymbal stand which can result in keyholing and cracks. The cymbal stand wingnut also has a felt attached to it to further protect your cymbals from metal on metal contact with the stand.

Toothless Tilter

The DW 6000 cymbal stand is fitted with a toothless tilter which allows infinite adjustment and secure positioning of your cymbals to ensure you achieve your perfect playing position.


Another great feature of the DW 6000 series is the TechLock. This is a secondary, drum key locking system that was inspired by working drum techs. Once you’ve set your cymbals to the angle you want you simply tighten the tilter and then have the option to lock it into place with your drum key to ensure your cymbals remain exactly where you place them. It’s a safeguard against slippage that gives your set up added security. No more nightmare cymbal slips mid set!

Hinged Memory Locks

To aid quick and easy setup, DW have included hinged memory locks to their 6000 cymbal stand. The memory locks are included at tube joints to provide a consistent, precise height setting every time. Once you’ve found your most comfortable height position you don’t need to think about finding it again because the memory locks remember it for you, making your life much easier when it comes to setting up.


If you want a slim, lightweight cymbal stand that doesn’t compromise on stability, the DW 6710 has what you need. Whether you want the flush base for its vintage aesthetic or its low profile, space saving functionality this DW straight cymbal stand will make sure your set up looks good and works well. With clever details like the TechLock and cymbal seat adjustment, this straight cymbal stand is a piece of modern hardware with an old school look. Keep the functionality you need while reducing the weight of your hardware bag with the DW 6710 Straight Cymbal Stand.

DW 6710 Straight Cymbal Stand Key Features:

  • Flush Base Design
  • Cymbal Seat Adjustment
  • Integrated Cymbal Seat and Wingnut Felt
  • Toothless Tilter
  • TechLock
  • Hinged Memory Locks
  • ½” Upper Tube
  • ” Middle Tube
  • ¾” Base Tube



Weight (kg)2.8000
Warranty2 years
Series6000 Series

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