Yamaha Pacifica Series

Engineered with love, the Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar is the ultimate performance machine. From the humble Yamaha Pacifica 112 to the mid-range Yamaha Pacifica 212 and 311H range, and finally the premium Yamaha Pacifica 611 series. Each one meeting the needs of every performer.

The Yamaha Pacifica series is designed with an array of pickup and hardware options. Delivering sonic adaptability, superb playability, and detailed premium quality.


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Affordable Electrics, for every step of your journey

The Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar series has been around since the 1990s. Created to meet the demands of top guitar session players at the time.

That essence of design and guitar craftsmanship has lived on in today's Pacificas, with different ranges for different levels of player.

Yamaha Pacifica 012/100 Series

Everyone should have trust in their first electric guitar. With the Yamaha Pacifica 012 electric guitars, you get an affordable, fantastic playing, and great-looking instrument that delivers a solid tone.

The 100 Series, such as the Yamaha Pacifica 112 adds more pickup, fingerboard, and colour finish choices.

Yamaha Pacifica 100 Left-handed models are also available.

Yamaha Pacifica 200 Series

Using the Yamaha 112 as a benchmark, the Yamaha Pacifica 212 series offers a translucent finish with either a flamed or quilted maple top option. All with matching finish headstocks.

The Humbucker and twin single-coil pickup combination arrive with a push-pull coil split, meaning furthermore tonal options are available. A vintage-style tremolo lets you create solo shimmers and deep dive bombs. Perfect for players that need versatility when recording and performing.

Yamaha Pacifica 300 Series

On par with the quality of the Yamaha Pacifica 200 series. The Yamaha Pacifica 311H electrics offer a different pickup set up, and a hardtail bridge. A Custom-wound P-90 and humbucker pickups with a push-pull coil split allow plenty of alternative tone options.

And the hardtail means that the Yamaha Pacifica 311h has superb string stability.

A real workhorse guitar for the player that wants something a little different.

Yamaha Pacifica 600 Series

The ultimate Yamaha Pacifica range. Featuring a variety of pickup, hardware and finish options. The Yamaha Pacifica 600 Series delivers an electric guitar that meets the demands of any professional guitarist.

Premium Seymour Duncan pickups offer serious sonic sounds. With P-90s, single-coils and humbuckers available, and push-pull single-coil switching versatility, there is something for every pro performer.

Grover locking tuners and Wilkinson VS50 vibrato bridges hardware options keeping the tuning and string stability in check.

Finally, a range of finishes, some with flamed maple veneer tops, make these Yamaha electric guitars true sights to behold.

The Yamaha Pacifica 611 and 612 electrics really deliver on a premium electric guitar. Something for every guitarist in the 600 series.