V-MODA, founded in 2004, is a music brand that has pioneered the fashion headphone industry.

Fusing fashion with function, V-MODA created a range of products that enhance your music listening, from wireless headphones to wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Headphones are, without a doubt, essential tools for DJs, producers and musicians and so it is important that people in these fields get great quality, accurate audio reproduction.

Designed by Experts, For Experts

Hundreds of prototypes have been created throughout V-MODA’s journey to create the best possible products they can, collecting feedback on each one from a collective of experts. V-MODA is also a firm believer that your headphones shouldn’t just be extremely functional but also include the looks to match.

With this in mind, V-MODA headphones are designed to look as good as they sound and many have a wide range of customisation options. For example, the Crossfade LP2 headphones, Crossfade Wireless headphones and Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones all have optional 3D crafted features.

You can customise your headphones, selecting from different materials (including precious metals) and even have custom logos laser engraved into them for the ultimate in personal style.

In-ear headphones are also represented in V-MODA’s stable of high-quality audiophile headphones with products such as the Forza, Forza Metallo, Forza Metallo Wireless and Zn earphones. Whatever your style and preference, V-MODA has incredible headphones for you; delivering jaw-dropping audio quality while making a bold and brash fashion statement.

More recently, V-MODA has created their first-ever Bluetooth speaker in the V-MODA REMIX Wireless speaker.

As with V-MODA headphones, the V-MODA remix couples amazing audio quality with incredible style and has further optional accessories to maximise their customisability.

What’s more; the V-MODA REMIX Bluetooth speaker is the world’s first portable hi-fi speaker with a built-in headphone amplifier! This means that when you want to plug in and enjoy all the benefits of a pair of high-quality headphones, you can really hear the music it should be heard with your headphones being driven by V-MODA VAMP technology.

The perfect cocktail of amazing audio quality and incredible style with many of their products being designed and styled in Italy, V-MODA deliver unique listening experiences.