Stone Deaf

What started out as a musician with an effects pedal collection developed into an obsession, and by 2009 the UK-based company that would soon be known as Stone Deaf began to take shape.

A Pipe Dream Made Into Reality

Cut to 2010 and Stone Deaf are ready to announce the production of their first pedal: the phenomenal PDF-1! Initially developed as a clone to the awesome 1970's Maestro MPF-1, the Stone Deaf PDF-1 was tweaked to perfection before release, improving upon its obscure forebear to deliver a pedal that was truly unique.

In fact this pedal so unique and of such a high-quality that it managed to attract the attention of none other than Josh Homme (of QOTSA and Them Crooked Vultures fame), subsequently becoming one of the most sought-after distortion circuits available.

Going from Strength to Strength

Instead of resting on their laurels with the PDF-1 though, Stone Deaf went on to develop several other trend-setting effects pedals, such as the high gain Warp Drive, mufflicious Fig Fumb, all-analogue delay Syncopy, and the Tremotron, which is heralded by many as simply the greatest tremolo effects pedal ever produced.

Premium-Grade Components

In utilising active circuitry within their creations, Stone Deaf effects offer musicians a huge tonal range, thanks largely to the inclusion of the best analogue components available and true bypass switching, but also because each and every pedal they produce is assembled and manufactured by hand, from start to finish.

The Best There Is? Maybe...

Put simply: these effects pedals are as unique and high-quality as you could want, and we're all super-happy that we're selling them here at PMT. Call into your local store for an in-store demonstration (remember to check stock availability first), or order yours online today for the best guaranteed UK price, and make use of our free home-delivery options!

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